our year in review

2017. What a weird and wonderful year.

Now in our 18th year, we’ve truly reached adulthood - we’ve moved homes, matured in our structure and systems and even enjoyed a few beers. We’ve grown up.

Thanks for being a part of it.

To celebrate, we’ve collected snippets of twelve months of emails, slack messages, Instagram and Facebook posts. We hope you enjoy. 

Brendon O'Sullivan, CEO and Founder, Big Blue Digital


“Leanne & myself head off to South Africa tomorrow morning so I'm just tidying up a few loose ends...”

Yes, the boss left us to roam free without supervision...and we survived. This trip will go down in history as the event that planted the seed for the next business venture. Watch this space.


“Pros: a quick to build User Interface, ease of use from an ongoing maintenance perspective”

February saw the beginning of our partnership with LiveTiles - a cloud-based solution that helps us create good looking, easy to use interfaces on what is widely regarded as one of the world’s most complex systems, SharePoint. Since then, we’ve deployed multiple SharePoint Online projects using the LiveTiles interface.


“Another fantastic day spent with Leanne, becoming Key Persons of Influence thanks to @glencarlson @dentglobal #dentglobal”

“Why don’t we use a DSP?”

Our Digital Success Partnership is our standard Service Level Agreement for long term partnerships. That said, it’s not always our default approach to bigger projects. This year, that has changed, as we have looked at how we can make bigger projects more adaptive to change, but also more predictable, for our clients. This is the solution.

“Looks great. Home game next week.”

For over 7 years, Southern Districts Rugby club have been supported by Big Blue Digital in one form or another. While we have assisted them with their digital communications - with members, players and supporters - our partnership has given us access to a network of businesses that are all hungry for growth and improvements. For the next 5 years you’ll see our signage around their home ground.


“Yay. I'll have a play this weekend.”

Google Data Studio has been an exciting addition to our service, to measure outcomes and success. It is important for our clients to see their investment provide a return and this technology allows us to measure that and share it.

"Happy Birthday Paul "


“I am sure 2017 will be the best Stampede yet!”

After smashing goals with the Dubbo Stampede’s digital marketing strategy last year, in 2017 we relaunched their website in a more cost effective and easier to manage environment. This is just one site that helped us achieve circle partner status with Squarespace. Check it out!

“Slackbot: Reminder: @channel it's time for coffee!”

We love our systems! So this year we introduced both Liquid Planner and Slack into the mix, supporting our existing love affair with Accelo. We even created a custom integration between Accello and LiquidPlanner for internal workflows, and our little friend Slackbot tells us when a sync fails.


“They have arrived! Now you know I wasn't (just) going on a lazy holiday.”

Wedding bells were ringing in June, with the lovely Lesley tying the knot!

“Currently the third smartest team at the end of round 1.”

2nd place and a $30 drinks voucher. Yes please!

“EXCITING NEWS! We're moving! After 5 years it's time for a move to fresh, new and larger, premises, in order to accommodate our growth now and into the future.”

While on the surface a relocation seems purely logistical, our move within BlueRidge Business Park (don’t worry, we’re just down the road) represents a growth and maturing of our business. It is always exciting to see your business grow to a point where more space is needed. We also made steps toward a more permanent Sydney base and worked with our team in multiple locations including Kempsey, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.


“We should look at Vend! They do ecommerce now.”

In July we started work on one of our client’s first forays into ecommerce. MPREC run a number of social enterprises, including their store Two Eight Three Five, which supports people to reach employment and training outcomes across western NSW. Check it out!

"Will be late this morning. Off to physio."

Uh oh. Paul had a great holiday, but managed to bust his knee on the last run. We think he was glad to get back to his desk after his tumble.


"Good luck to everyone participating in the SOLD OUT 10km Cheetah Chase at tomorrow's Dubbo Stampede! We're glad to sponsor the event again and look forward to seeing all the herd's great snaps tomorrow on social media."

“Hi guys. I’ve set up two ActiveCampaign accounts. Login details to come.”

We have taken our next steps in automated marketing, seeing more and more clients take the leap despite having the concept embedded in our business for some time. Central West Credit Union has been our primary client to use this and it has allowed them to launch new services and streamline internal processes.

"Hello from New Orleans. See you next week."

Sarah disappeared for two weeks, but was sure to rub it in while she was gone!

"Congrats Jason!"


“Round of applause team, WHALeNET (i.e. the Western NSW PHN Intranet) goes live to all of their staff on Tuesday.”

This project represented a significant achievement for our business. WHALeNET, Western NSW PHN’s staff intranet, wasn’t just a technical build. It involved getting right into different sections of the business and understanding how they work, the words they use, how they file documents and what’s important to them to do their job well. It’s a great example of what we want to achieve for our customers - digital solutions that help achieve maximum potential.


“Welcome to the big smoke guys. Party like it's 1999. Or at least enjoy the food and craft beer in Glebe.”

Big Blue Digital began a partnership with the ecommerce platform BigCommerce this year. We even had some of the team go on a road trip to Sydney for a training course, as part of their goal to obtain BigCommerce Developer Certifications, which they achieved!

“Always excited to present the laser show @dubbodreamfestival”



Our Team Day this year was completely dedicated to defining what behaviours we want to take forward into 2018, what we want to leave behind. This day represents our commitment to enhancing our culture as a team. We all have each others backs and each individual has their own strengths and things to bring to the table. Such as snacks for the end of day BBQ!

“@channel We are ready to go live.”

The launch of the Uncle Pete’s Toys ecommerce site has been a huge and exciting undertaking, requiring complete cohesion from every member of our team. We built the site from the ground up, using BigCommerce. We also coordinated the marketing surrounding the launch which included automated emails and site messages, social media posts and a press release and media coordination. We worked hard to provide the client with a store that portrayed their values and gave a unique experience for customers shopping on the site. Check it out!

“Happy Cup Day”




"I've seen a Beatle. Bucket list item achieved"

“Everyone needs to bring their Dads now …”

“Yep. It’s ready now!”

This was a big year for enabling digital transformation with our client, MPREC. On top of introducing an online store to their ecosystem we also consulted on, and developed, a full staff intranet, project planner and Business Intelligence solution, and managed the communication of change to their staff. One of our final pieces of work this year will be presenting these systems at their end of year staff gathering, and sharing the results of the strategic planning work we conducted with their board.



major project launches



1.5 mil

coffees consumed (probably)


TIPPS Meetings

2018 & beyond

While there are always new challenges to conquer, our key focus is still relationships.

Our key goal for 2018 is to continue to diversify our client base and form relationships with people who are ready to welcome us as part of their business. Our service is not about completing a project and forgetting about it. We want to form long term partnerships and help our clients reach their full potential.

Our way of working naturally fosters creativity. However, we also love our systems, and when you’re held down with the burden of process it can be hard to progress. So moving forward, we want to continue to adapt and grow, and ensure that we retain our place as the largest business of this type in regional New South Wales.

Some other things we’d like to achieve are:
  • To continue to develop ways to demonstrate our clients' Return on Investment. As an organisation we have started to really commit to our love of reporting and proving the value of what we’re doing, that means we’ve started to do more dashboard projects with Power BI and Google Data Studio. Everyone is really getting their hands dirty with them and we’ve taken it to the next level.
  • To further progress in the world of mid-market retail through our partnership with BigCommerce. This platform has opened many doors in what we can offer clients and we want to share this with more people.
  • To continue education and training. We want to continue to uncover new programs, new solutions and new partnerships that diversify our business. The more we learn, the more we have to offer our clients. We will never stop looking for new and exciting ways to offer a dynamic service. 

Thank you &
happy new year


Best wishes from the whole Big Blue Digital team

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