Small business, big goals

Uncle Pete's Toys // Toy Supermarket
New South Wales, Australia

In late 2017, Uncle Pete's Toys were ready to go online.

They had been one of Australia's best-loved names in toys and games.

As the sole remaining Uncle Pete's Toys franchise, it was time to evolve or risk losing out.

Uncle Pete's Toys needed the infrastructure to sell online. They also needed a solid marketing strategy to reinvigorate their customer base and reach beyond their immediate geographical location.

There were non-negotiables at the outset.
  • The POS system should be the stores' source of truth.

  • The POS system and it's current set-up - perfected over years of business - should not change.

  • The majority of online store management and content marketing should be managed in-house within 6 to 12 months.


  • Migration of 6000+ products into an online store
  • Rapid database growth via digital marketing
  • Full digital transformation of a traditional business


  • BigCommerce store design and development
  • Custom built product sync (with POS) middleware solution
  • Digital marketing launch strategy


Our first step was to undertake a full discovery.

We see discovery as a process of ruthless prioritisation. There were so many possible roads to take. It was our job to select the best ones aligned with the businesses' goals.

In this stage, we gathered as much information as possible via workshops, desktop research and investigation with software providers. Our Technology Lead started by investigating Uncle Pete's Toys' existing systems to decide which online store platform would be the best fit. Our Marketing Lead investigated the competitive landscape and began to piece together an initial launch campaign.


At the end of the Discovery process, we proposed a new Digital Ecosystem to Uncle Pete's Toys.

BigCommerce was chosen as the platform of choice to carry the Uncle Pete's Toys online store.

We handled all aspects of building the store, including creating custom middleware to connect the store's POS system with BigCommerce. This reduced disruption and simplified the migration of over 6000 products into the online environment for the business.

We also introduced ActiveCampaign to manage their customer database and email marketing and communications, and assisted in setting-up or reactivating the store's social media.

The store was launched to the public in December 2017, within 6 months of our iitial meetings about the project.

Before the build started, Uncle Pete's Toys did no email marketing and had no subscriber list. We built a simple landing page and set-up a tablet in-store to gather email addresses.

By launch, they had signed-up over 400 early-access subscribers to test the site. This number doubled once the site was live.

Twelve months after launch, the store recorded revenue 30x that of their first month. By embracing the challenge of moving online, the store has been able to reach new customers well beyond their physical footprint.

Uncle Pete's Toys now manage their online store and digital marketing independently and are wholly self-sufficient in managing their new online business.

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