Full digital transformation - staff, clients and community

REDI.E (formerly MPREC) // Employment, Community & Economic Development Services
New South Wales, Australia


  • Geographically dispersed team and siloed communication. 
  • Digital literacy and access barriers for both the team and clients.
  • Diverse stakeholders and communication needs.



  • Internal communications strategy, Public Relations, social media and email marketing.
  • Kentico powered website, designed specifically for MPREC’s variety of stakeholders.
  • Complete business management system, including LiveTiles, SharePoint and Power BI business management dashboards.

Why Big Blue Digital?

  • Public Relations and communications expertise, backed by a digital agency.
  • Experience in education, employment and training sectors.
  • Ability to be platform agnostic and support a wide range of technological needs and solutions.



  • Increased media presence and clear social media governance internally.
  • Improved reporting internally, to the board and to government and other funding partners.
  • Centralised document management and storage.


Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation (MPREC) is one of the largest Aboriginal governed and managed businesses in Australia. They provide services to improve the social and cultural fabric of Western NSW including employment programs, facilitating training courses, community projects and youth services. 

MPREC utilise our full range of services and their extremely positive attitude towards digital transformation has allowed us to reach some major milestones throughout our partnership.

At the beginning of our partnership, MPREC were undergoing significant organisational changes. They sought a communications strategy to smooth out bumps in the process, govern media-relations and keep staff engaged and informed.

Over the course of our relationship, we have become embedded in the organisation's strategic planning, which has included facilitating strategic planning sessions with the Board and helping to articulate the company’s vision through their three year strategic plan. As such, our working partnership roadmap has been quite flexible.

MPREC is an agile business, and so are we.

Solutions & Results

Our work with MPREC has been conducted over a series of distinct phases, beginning with a focus on internal communication and processes, through to extending their footprint via a website update, social and email marketing, to focussing on implementing collaboration, reporting and project management tools within the business.

Internal communications & processes

  • Planned and executed a comprehensive internal communication strategy to assist the full team understand the organisation’s values and role, outside of their local office. This included designing and disseminating a range of print collateral including posters and stickers, and backing these up with interactive elements on Yammer to get the team involved, such as ‘photo of the day’ challenges.
  • Introduced Yammer to the organisation to support internal communication and administered the same.
  • Recommended a communications and Public Relations policy to the organisation, and also set Social Media moderation and management guidelines and regularly supported the team with face-to-face social media training and phone support.

Website design & development

  • Content planning, copywriting and image gathering for site to best explain the multifaceted role of the organisation to their varied stakeholders.
  • Coordinated user-focused design to suit content and developed the same, on the Kentico platform.
  • Research and recommendation of an ecommerce system, to also support an instore POS, resulting in the development of a Vend ecommerce site, opening up a potential new revenue stream for the organisation and the communities that it services.

Full business management system

  • Introduced Microsoft Planner, SharePoint and PowerBI to the organisation, working closely with IT to manage security, permissions, access and deployment.
  • Managed regular reference group meetings to determine design, document management, training and change management requirements, iteratively adapting the environment to suit their guidance and that of management. 
  • Data modelling and visualisation to introduce useful and comprehensive Power BI dashboards to replicate and replace elements of the organisation's regular reporting internally and to government.


  • Regular media relations, creating and assisting in the distribution of media releases and advising on the ways in which MPREC could share its message.
  • Launch of a regular email newsletter, resulting in an increase of positive government and media enquiries to the organisation.