Work Management, Invoicing & Corporate Profile

Earth Plant Hire // Road construction and hydraulics
New South Wales, Australia


  • Multiple systems with different paperwork requirements, and issue of logging paperwork at the job site.
  • Marketing need to build corporate presence to support tender applications.



  • Custom line-of-business application, integrated with Xero, built on Adobe Business Catalyst.
  • Website content management, development of business documentation and profile video.

Why Big Blue Digital?



  • Full business adoption of bespoke system. 
  • Seamless integration of multiple systems, equalling efficiency gains for Earth Plant Hire.


Earth Plant Hire provides the tools and creates the means for first class infrastructure in regional Australia. As a statewide wet hire, dry hire and maintenance firm who specialises in road construction, they need the tools to get jobs done on time and on budget, with little downtime.

Earth Plant Hire, through the various arms of their business, have a split customer focus: talking to government entities, civil contractors, potential employees, partners and individual customers. Each potential client has different needs and, therefore, needs to be exposed to different information.

Solution & Results

We understood that downtime was a major concern to this business. As such, it was important that all of Earth Plant Hire’s systems spoke to each other, seamlessly.
  • With staff and plant (machinery) in multiple sites across NSW, the only place their data could successfully live was in the cloud. We designed and built an integrated business management system that would allow them to connect their client data, their workflow and their financials. 
  • Our software management, resale and support partnerships with Adobe Business Catalyst, Accelo and Xero meant we were able to bring the power of these three tools together seamlessly, and the Earth Plant Hire team could manage their business from any location.
  • The resulting API integration is a bespoke application layer, working on the same platform as their website, designed to work on mobile devices for team members in the field. The system manages plant hire, monitors machinery movements for costing purposes provides a competitive advantage and proprietary value to the company. Additional functionality, to capture machinery service records, is also being implemented.
  • With such a clear competitive advantage, it became increasingly important to communicate this (and their other key selling points) to potential clients. After going through a Discovery process to understand their goals for growth and key customers, we being to scope out a marketing strategy, with traditional and digital elements.
  • Developed a full capability statement and business profile to assist in the tendering process, as well as driving the creation of a profile video to better communicate their value proposition to customers.