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Headless Publishing Environment

CruiseCo // Travel products & events
Sydney, Australia


  • High volumes of content published each week
  • Content distribution across multiple branded sites
  • Cultural transformation in a traditional industry



  • Content strategy and Kentico Cloud implementation
  • Design and build of a user-friendly website
  • Integration of website and content hub


Why Big Blue Digital?

  • In-house development and content strategy teams
  • Speed to market
  • Focus on productivity and simple systems



  • Fast content upload and streamlined collaboration
  • 60 product pages created in less than 3 days
  • Opportunity to instantly share content across 200 member sites

cruising through content management & distribution

CruiseCo is one of Australia's leading cruise travel providers.

Offering holidays afloat worldwide, CruiseCo pride themseves on their extensive knowledge, professional concierge booking service and the great relationships they have with their 200 strong member agent network (travel agents). Supporting this network is key to their success. 

Travel is a very traditional industry - like many businesses in the space, CruiseCo focused much of their marketing effort on the creation of a range of printed brochures, which they make available to potential travellers and member network.

With huge demand from the consumer holiday market - but also huge competition - Cruiseco determined to create a digital product that would differentiate their products and support their member network.

They were facing several challenges:
  • They knew they wanted to present their products in 'Collections' - grouped by geographic region and easy to search based on the customer's travel style - but weren't sure how to best manage the huge amounts of content or build the functionality to support this.

  • They had a huge amount of content, but it was print based and didn't always translate well to the digital space.

  • They had no easy way to distribute their content in a way that would enable the members to brand, own and share the information.

  • Their annual conference of members, where the CruiseCo Collections concept would be launched, was only 6 weeks away...

Image of CruiseCo Collections Homepage on a Laptop


The end result for this project is so much more than a stunning website - it is digital transformation.

We not only built the CruiseCo Collections site (front-end user interface) but also a content distribution solution - driven by Kentico Cloud. 

Backed by their extensive knowledge and deep relationships with the cruise lines and airlines, CruiseCo were able to very quickly transition from a brochure-based approach to a headless Content Management Solution -  a feat that would not be easy for any business.

Together, we have developed not only a workable solution to hold and promote their new 'Collections' product, but also created new ways for CruiseCo to support their members.
  • Our work started well before the  project officially started. We got to understand CruiseCo's ultimate goals and looked beyond their immediate needs to find a solution that would help them grow today, as well as support their business tomorrow.

  • Our marketing team started with content design and modelling - content design relates to how we can support businesses to write great content, optimised for the web, that leads their customers to the information they need.

  • We planned - and set-up within Kentico Cloud - a range of content types (such as cruises, promotions or general pages) and all the different pieces of content that would sit within them (such as headings, introductory statements and selling points) in a structure that would  best promote CruiseCo Collections and support good user experience.

  • We then created extensive guidelines (within Kentico Cloud) to reduce the margin of error for the businesses' various content creators and uploaders. These guidlines sit in context within the Content Management System, and provide clear instructions relating to the content fields that need to be completed.

CruiseCo website and back end of Kentico Cloud shown on a desktop computer
  • With the content structure in place, our team moved to visual design, creating a content-driven user-interface to showcase CruiseCo's premium travel offering.

  • Our in-house development team managed site development and integration - connecting the user interface (webiste front-end) to the content (Kentico Cloud).

  • We then delivered extensive training and support over the final week to rapidly empower 8+ CruiseCo team members to accurately and confidently expand the site from 1 - 60+ pages, all by uploading content to Kentico Cloud.

  • At the same time as launch their new Collections product, we managed CruiseCo's migration to Campaign Monitor from a legacy in-house system. Setting them up withing the platform's agency model, we have further enabled them to support their member's email marketing efforts.