We preach end-to-end digital transformation. We can't think of anything better than diving in and getting to know each section of your business and the systems you use. That way, when we make a recomendation, we know that it every element will fit your team, culture, systems and processes.
  • Sometimes, we're asked to enter a business and find the right software fit for the organisation.

  • Sometimes, we recomend a marketing or technology solution that we build and implement.

  • Other times, we are supporting the seamless integration and uptake of new solutions within your business through research, workshop facilitation and generally supporting you and your team.

the detail

​When we say end-to-end business consulting and strategy, what we really mean is:
  • Structured information gathering and analysis

  • Digital business workshops, surveys and interviews

  • Solutions research, testing and technical assessment

  • Solutions recommendation

  • Requirements Specification (technical blueprint) development

  • Internal communications strategy and management

  • Consultation and creation of digital governance policies and guidelines

  • ecommerce strategy

  • Online, in-person, group and individual training

  • Training documentation and guides

Our consulting skills are mostly put to use at the start of any Digital Success Partnership.

Getting to know you is hugely important to our overall success, so this is where we start.

  • We spend time talking to you and your team to get to know you, your business, customers and current and future needs.

  • We believe in the importance of good stakeholder engagement, not only so we can uncover the things that are important to your business, but also to ensure as many people as possible are invested in the success of your project and our partnership.

  • We make sure that we are fully aware of your key business goals - we then translate these into digital objectives and direct all of our efforts to meeting these.

  • We're big fans of evidence-based approaches so not only will we gather a bunch of research, we'll also document it to be shared and act as a referece point for any future decision-making.

  • We create modelling structures for how to best measure success against your digital objectives, and therefore your bigger business goals.

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