With cloud based business management and marketing systems comes a world of data.

But who has time to pour through it?

Make time to work on your business through Business Intelligence and analytics. Because some of our team really really love numbers, and most of our team really really love good design, we have a deep passion for helping you collect and display your data through rich visuals. This helps you get the numbers you need, fast, to improve decision making and information sharing.

the detail

When we say Business Intelligence and analytics, what we really mean is:
  • Consultation to understand what you want to expose and why

  • Analytics modelling to tie your business goals to meaningful digital metrics

  • Analytics tracking and implementation

  • Back-end development for managing, exposing and securing your data

  • User interface and visualisations, making the data-discovery process smooth

  • Data structuring and organisation to take the hard work out of sourcing, interrogating and analysing data

In the broadest sense, Business Intelligence is about connecting and making sense of the relationships between different data sets, and exposing that information in a way that enables agile decision making. When we use the term, we are referring to a solution that enables you to analyse available pieces of data to make business decisions, in real time.

To gather and expose data, we use a range of tools. We are real advocates for only using what you need, so the specific tool we use will change depending on your business and goals. Some of the systems we work with include,
  • Google Analytics

  • Google Data Studio

  • Microsoft Power BI (we're particuarly keen on their integration with Accelo!)

  • Heap Analytics

And we don't just talk about it, we really do it. Our own project management, profitability, marketing success and more are all tracked through live Business Intelligence dashboards.

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