set goals, measure and report your way to the top

When approaching your Digital Analytics Model, it's important to look at your business objectives and how you’re going to measure them.

That's why we've created a simple worksheet for you to do just that. We’re going to help you knuckle down and find what you’re really trying to achieve in your business. Objectives, Digital Goals, KPIs, Targets and Segments may seem like scary words - but trust us, it’s how we do business and we’ve never looked back.


If you follow this model across all your business objectives and related goals, you’ll know exactly what success will look like and when you want to achieve it. This model makes putting together an action plan super simple. 



No jargon. No fuss. Just easy to use tools.

We want to make the world a better digital place. Set you goals and get your business on a path to success.

create your own digital analytics model and see a return on investment

These points are going to make it easier for you to set objectives and roll with your success.

We want to make your life easier - starting this is one step to doing just that,

  • Business Objective  - what are you really trying to achieve?
  • Digital Goal - How will you achieve this in your Digital Ecosystem?
  • Measure Success - What will you look at to measure this goal? What’s the target number and in what timeframe?
  • Segments - What would help us to understand this data better?