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Predict the Future With These Email Marketing Design Trends

We recently updated all our email marketing templates - and frequency - based on feedback from the people who read them. We also wanted to give our audience a visual cue of our internal evolution. As an agile company, change is our one frequent companion and everything we send out should reflect that.

Email is a hugely successful tool for marketing, education, and building relationships. But we're all sick of receiving the same looking templates again and again. So, where is the email marketing design heading? These are the principles we stuck to in approaching our re-design.

1. Under-design

The number of marketing emails sent and received each day is immense. 
So how do you get your email read? I've noticed that many of the people I sign-up to information from, as part of their nurturing campaigns, rely on simple text based formatting, letting the content do all the heavy lifting. No matter how well designed, no one wants to read rubbish content.

We previously sent a fortnightly automated overview of all of our blogs, and a monthly 'special' newsletter with new content and offers, both using the same template. Now, our monthly 'special' uses the full template but it's much more simple: lot's of white space, neater thumbnails and a design that draws the reader through the full text. The other campaign is mostly text with a single image. We believe in our writing and let the design enhance the information, not overshadow it. 

2. Get feedback and reward "scrollers"

With a speciality in Digital Marketing, we love getting interactive. And one of the most effective ways of interacting with our clients is by asking for feedback. But you don't want to make the process cumbersome or have it take your audience away from your great content. We've allowed space to ask for feedback at the bottom of our new template, and every month can ask a question (serious or cheeky) with a simple yes/no answer. This also rewards those that scroll through information right to the bottom - when they place their vote they get a little surprise, or dose of inspiration, like this cool dude...

3. Create an extension of your digital home

Your website is your home online, everything else is just rented space. Except, perhaps, email. We created a seamless experience of navigating through our website from the footer of our emails, and also linked through to our social channels. But why stop there, you might choose to add your most recent Instagram picture at the bottom of your email, or a snippet of your Pinterest board, depending on what platform your customers most use and love. 

Bonus tip

Make it shareable

And we're not just talking about sending out whole articles via social sharing buttons, we're talking about making your best quote or fact ready to share.

When planning a newsletter, create it so that your best quote or fact is ready to share on social.
via @bigbluedigital

As you can see, this isn't something we do in the body of the email but inside the main articles (published here, at our blog). Of course, that's not to say you couldn't also do it from within the email itself.

So, have you signed up for our newsletter yet? Do you think you've got a great design that you'd love us to hit "subscribe" on to check out? Let me know in the comments, or subscribe in the sidebar or footer. 


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