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Retargeting: The Tactic That Delivers Over 300% ROI


Retargeting is one of the most powerful conversion and branding tools you need to be using in your Digital Strategy

It is a great way to reach out and talk to prospective consumers that are already considering you.

Retargeting provides you with another opportunity to influence their perception or intent to buy, by capturing their attention on the digital channels/platforms that they choose to engage with. This means that you're optimising absolutely every opportunity you have to connect with them.

And, it leads to much greater ROI on your marketing effort - over 300% (!) in cases we have seen in our own business.

With retargetting, you can,
  • Turn casual browsers into sales figures.

  • Reconnect with consumers or clients who have fallen off your radar.

  • Appear in front of your customers who’ve not opened one of your eDM’s, visited your website, or placed an order with you for a period of time.

That's great...but what is it?

You have likely experienced retargeting yourself…

You visit a website – for example, an airline (maybe through an email, or because you've visited one of their landing pages after a quick Google search).

Later that day, you visit another site - perhaps Facebook, or your favourite news site - you see a promotion for the very flights your were looking at not long ago… that’s retargeting.

Some retargeting options for you might be Facebook, or the Google Display Network.

But where to start?

It might be time for you to revisit your digital strategy. If that's the case, you might like to check out our range of digital marketing services to a) make sure you've got all of your bases covered or b) see how we can work together to drive a bigger bottom line for your business.


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