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Loves Data 2015 Analytics Conference - Our Take

If you’ve worked with me, it’s likely you’ve heard me talk about Google Analytics.

This is the very popular, free digital analytics tools provided by Google that lets us dive into your traffic data, marketing campaign results, conversions, and everything else number-y.

Yep, it’s one of the most nerdy things that I get really excited about. Why?

Because ROI. Real numbers are the only way to prove the value you get from anything you do.

So I was really excited about the opportunity to head to Sydney yesterday with Leanne, to the Loves Data 2015 Analytics Conference #2015ac

Tim Wilson took us on a treasure hunt for data driven actions where we learnt some great tools for setting goal targets and writing better hypotheses.

Simo Ahava reminded us of the dangers of setting & forgetting your analytics tool and how without customisation, you won’t be able to find real insights in your data.

And Carey Wilkins described a framework for planning, implementing and validating measurement that’s exactly inline with our own Digital Measurement Model and where we plan to take this process with our clients!There’s plenty more in my groovy orange notebook and head, still percolating, so watch out for more posts and changes in how we want to work with you in the very near future!


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