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Is your content converting?

Getting your content right is a strategic foundation that requires thought leadership, expertise and a detailed understanding of your customers.

If your content doesn’t engage with your target audience - transcending the wallpaper that media can become in our lives - how will they trust you enough to convert?

That’s where your Digital Strategy comes in.

Your Digital Strategy is the framework – unique to your business – that will tell you is your content right. It's the backbone to talking in the right language, in the right places, to the right people.

Getting it right

Did you know that Pinterest influences around 70% of online sales in the US?

Taking the time to step back and develop your Digital Strategy might just give your business the edge it needs over compeitiors. Why mention Pinterest? Well, very few businesses have content approach tailored toward Pinterest yet, depending on your customer-base, it could be a huge opportunity for you to convert more sales.

To get it right, it's important to create and publish customer relevant, pattern-breaking information and direct your consumers’ behaviour towards a profitable outcome for your business.

Long or short term

One of the instrumental elements we focus on in content marketing is whether our client is in the long or short sales lead game. We then build a tactical plan to engage, inform, influence and convert customers. This split can be typically broken down to B2B or B2C (these can have cross over too). While the methodologies are the same between the two, the tactics and promotional elements are different.

If you are in a B2B industry, your content needs to position you as a trusted industry thought leader, demonstrating how your products or services can functionally improve the performance in the customer’s business. And your customers are going to consume your content on different channels with a different mind-set to those with a B2C cycle. Those customers are more likely to respond to emotional-need satisfaction as well as price, esteem and, somewhere in the mix (depending on the customer and your product), functional performance.

Therefore, your content needs to talk to them on appropriate channels, with appropriate key messages and call’s to action. Underlying these basic tactics are your brand messages - ensuring consistency across all channels.

Where to start

Can you confidently say you’ve got your content sorted?

Are you analysing what channels and platforms are delivering you the most profitable results?

Not 100% sure? Then you need a Digital Strategy. Not quite sure what we mean by that? Don't worry - we've got you covered!

Read, 'Why you need a digital strategy. Now'.


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