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How we're driving online enrolments with Western College

A long standing client of ours, Western College, has started the incredibly exciting path to digital client segmentation to better target prospective students and convert to enrolments through online marketing methods.

What we’re super excited about, is the fact that through our service relationship, we get to share the knowledge and education base we have here, with the team at Western College, so they grow in their own understanding of the “why”, the “how”, the “now what”, and the “results” we explore and achieve along the way – together!

We know the end game – we need to drive online enrolments.

We are now breaking down and analysing the data the organisation has on hand to segment who their potential students are, based on an array of demographics – age, gender, previous education, location, hobbies as well as career path ideals. With this information on hand, we can work with the business to structure a digital marketing campaign to engage with and convert these potential students - based on their interestes - into confirmed enrolments!

It’s a journey, and we’re only just beginning, but in many ways we've overcome the biggest hurdle.

Making the revolutionary shift to acquiring, managing and retaining, or growing customers in the digital world can be daunting for businesses.

Digital transformation is hard.

It takes time to assess, plan and learn - but you also have to be agile and ready to move with the speed of technology.

The initial time investment, in particular, can be difficult to wrap your head around: getting started takes a level of focus to learn new software, processes and systems, and some effort to stay the course during the uncomfortable periods of change and adaptation across the organisation.

But the benefits far outweigh the challenges, and the rewards are quickly reaped once you’re on the path!

These days, the capacity to capture and analyse information about your existing and potential customers is incredibly simple and cost effective.

Simple things like capturing information during an enquiry or transaction can help get the ball rolling.

Here’s a couple of examples:
  • Capturing email addresses to create an online database of potential customers

  • Asking for their date of birth

  • Asking where they live

  • What is their reason to transact or enquire of you

  • Capture repeat purchases

  • Identifying areas of interest for them

Capturing information is an absolutely necessary activity to make sure that your value proposition is actually being delivered to your various customer segments and is providing ROI, revenue and all those sticky numbers that keep us, as business people, going!

In fact, you might be surprised how much information or data you already have, and you just haven’t known how to use it to effectively drive decisions and outcomes in your business.

Getting started

There's a few things to get in order if you're on the way to digital transformation (or improvement),
  • Get your Digital Strategy in order

  • Audit your current position, talk to your team and get to understand exactly what pain points they have in terms of your systems, barriers to driving sales or building good customer relationships. 

  • Get a second opinion. We seek the advice of doctors, accountants, architechts and others because they have specialist advice. A digital agency or consultancy should be able to get in, understand your business and goals, assess your current systems and baseline and then make reccomendations on how to reach your goals, faster. 

No matter which path you take, make sure you're working with people who you trust, and have experience. If you think we might be those people please connect


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