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Please tell me you're using your CRM like this

Your competitors are gleaning information about their customers every single time they interact.

Then, they're using that information to drive a more personalised, targetted experience.

Are you?

Advertising content and spend, personalisation, special offers, service and product a data-driven marketing strategy, all of these should be informed by the information you can collect about your customers.

Understand exactly where you need to spend time and money and you will boost productivity, get more efficient and increase the lifetime value of each of your customers.


So, what does a CRM have to do with it?

Let's take a step back.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a catch-all term for all of the technologies and strategies businesses implement to help them create great customer relationships and experiences.

In this context, a CRM is a piece of software that helps you gather and store customer information and track their behaviours or interactions with you. For us, we hold our customer information in Accelo, but some behaviours and actions are captured in our marketing automation platform. 

In some ways, a CRM is a great big client database, with extended functionality to help you really analyse what is happening with your customers, build sales pipelines of prospects and communicate with different groups of people at different times.

We know a lot of businesses who have different pieces of information like this living in spreadsheets.

But there are a lot more benefits to a CRM beyond acting as a contact database.


Improve customer service through personalisation

One of the biggest advantages of CRM is how it allows companies to provide customers with a greater level of personalisation.

Have you ever made a grocery order online? I love being told what items I may have forgotten with this order, based on my shopping history. This type of personalisation often boosts my spend and value per transaction.

What about personalised email?

I don’t just mean including a name, but the kind of email that includes information relevant to you.

Say I had completed a fun run last year; the email to invite me back might challenge me to beat my time or fundraising goal, but shouldn’t explain the event from scratch.

That would just waste my time.

This kind of personalisation boosts my connection with a brand and loyalty.


Keep data safe and organised

Make sure you’re not losing valuable contacts.

Storing customer data on spreadsheets or shoving business cards in your drawer isn’t the best way to ensure this asset is secure.

How many times have you been asked by a colleague to email through a name or contact details? Or to get you up to speed with a contact’s interactions with your business?

Keep information at your fingertips, behind a password, save time and secure those contacts.

Take this a step further with segmentation.

Divide up your database by like characteristics or behaviours and use this to drive your marketing and sales strategies or to provide the right communications to the people who need it.

Want to get started? Read 7 Ways To Segment Your Customer Data.



Tell the future and increase the lifetime value of customers

Use data on customer interactions forecast your customer needs in the future.

Gathering data will help you recognise particular patterns in each client-business interaction.

If you sell running shoes, how often do your customers usually replace their shoes? Let's say it's every year. Can you - by running a promotion, say 10% off their next purchase sent out at 9 months - reduce that time between purchases, meaning more revenue over the customer's total lifetime, and secure a returned customer?

Big Blue Digital don't just build websites or implement web-based solutions.

Because our team is made up of a mix of technical, marketing and business skills, we often find ourselves reccomending solutions - or ways of using those systems better - into businesses.

Are you getting the most from the systems you have?

Get familiar with our strategy and consulting services and get in touch with any questions.


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