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An introduction to the Google Dashboard (Blab)

Launched in April, is an online instant video presentation and engagement platform designed to stimulate conversation, education and collaboration.
In what seem's to be a natural evolution in webcasting, on our Blab account today, Brendon introduced viewers to the Google Dashboard, reviewing the features of what's exposed in an interview with Leanne.
In an effort to show transparency, Google exposes data recorded of an account owner's interaction with the Google eco-system.


Not only are you able to view and edit all account information, a Google account owner can;
  • Review website analytics

  • Understand how and what Android devices they're logged in to

  • Replay audio recordings  when using voice searches

  • Review all shared Google documents 

  • Manage and view all emails conversations in Gmail

  • View all locations automatically recorded/travelled via Google Maps

  • Administer all photo's/music and files uploaded

  • Review all historical data captured in YouTube 

To understand the above and, get a few surprises along the way, watch our Blab...


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