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Google Analytics - refresher for business owners and managers

Google Analytics is something we talk about all the time - but it's probably been a while since we covered off the basics.

So we've put together this quick refresher (and extra resources) to make sure you’re on top of one of the best tools to measure the impact of your efforts in the digital space.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web tool that allows you to get the best information about your website. Once you’ve got data, you can take note of your weaknesses and strengths, and make decisions based on the results.



How do I get it?

If you're a Big Blue Digital client, Google Analytics is set up for your website. Get in touch if you need a refresher on how to get in.

Otherwise, you only need a Google account to get started. Luckily, we’ve already put together this guide to setting up your Google Analytics account.

I’m in...what should I look at?

Here are some ideas - the measurement ‘headlines’.

You should always have a purpose behind what you’re measuring. For example, if we were setting up Google Analytics for you, we would start with your business goals, and create corresponding digital goals and measures to help you achieve these.

We call this process creating your 'digital analytics model'. I've previously written about how we might do this for your social media - it's pretty comprehensive, so would be a good resource once you have your head is around the value of Google Analytics.

Consider measuring:

  • Traffic Sources, or how people find you. Don’t forget to learn how to avoid the trap of direct traffic!

  • Numbers of visitors...and who they are. Google Analytics can tell you some pretty cool stuff about what kinds of people are viewing your site.

  • Bounce rate and average session duration, or, what percentage of people leave your site without browsing, where do they leave, and how long do the stay?

  • Goal conversion, the meanings of which are really endless (remember when we talked about your goals?). If you have an online store or booking system a conversion could simply be someone making a purchase, We might choose to look at how many people complete online forms, or subscribe to our newsletter. Tracking your conversion depends on your business goal, and what digital action will help you achieve that.

How can Google Analytics help my business?

No doubt you understand the value of having the right information at the right moment in order to make a move.

Understanding your customer’s journey as they interact with your site gives you the data you need to make better digital decisions.

  • Which landing pages convert better than others?

  • What content is encouraging people to stay on your site (is this potential fodder for an offer, email or social campaign?)

  • Why do/don't people convert?

  • Are the people who are looking at your site the people you expect, what are their demographics and can you run campains to influence this?

And why does this matter?


Understanding exactly what does, and doesn't work, gives you the power to reduce inefficiency in your marketing effort and increase conversions.

The value of these metrics is one of the reasons why business intelligence - including intelligence on your digital footprint - is one of our core service offerings

Data is knowledge. Knowledge is power.


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