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HTTPS - What is it and do I need it?

Have you seen that little padlock in the URL of some websites you visit?

Ever wondered what it means for you and your customers, and if you need it or not for your organisation?

Well here’s our take on HTTPS to help you figure out if you need it or not.

HTTPS stands for Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol, and it enables data to be shared securely….data such as passwords, payment information or contact details in an encrypted way, minimising the potential for hacking, thieving and manipulation.

Secure from what, you ask? Good question!

No matter how large your organisation is – even if you are just a small business – there are organisations and people out there, all around the world, that target websites without the secure socket layer.

Without additional laywers of security, your information and data from your traffic as well as your own website content!

That means your personal, professional and associated client information would be in the hands of someone else. You might also find random, unauthorised advertisements throughout your website.

Should I have it on my website if I’m not selling anything?

Unless you are requesting personal, financial or password information, it’s not essential to have the Secure Socket Layer (or the S at the end of HTTP). We don’t have it. However, it could be beneficial to keep you, your business and all your website data, content and information secure.

It means that those people or organisations that have the technology to trawl your website looking for vulnerable information or content can’t thieve or manipulate it.

There are actually other systems that are stronger than the Secure Socket Layer, but they don’t fit with the natural behaviour of most web traffic at this stage.

Some people think that securing their whole website will slow down their connection. That’s not necessarily the case as ad networks, unoptimised content and poor coding can do this too.

How Do You Get The Magic S

It’s pretty simple to make your website secure these days, and turn your HTTP into HTTPS – you can even get it for free!

Before you do that, though, you do need to make sure your website has some features in its coding that enables it to be encrypted.

To do both of these things, or find out if securing your whole website would be beneficial to your business, get in touch with us! We can chat through the pros, cons, options and solutions with you at any time.

HTTPS is essential for ecommerce businesses.

Learn about some of our ecommerce projects at What We've Solved.


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