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How this custom application drives business success


How do you manage your revenue lines so that, at any given moment, you can tell exactly how much each is contributing to your business, which lines need attention and which have accounts receivable owing against it?
The solution?


A custom built, real time 'Line of Business Application'.  
Let us show you how we turn today's problems into tomorrow's solutions.

Earth Plant Hire

Our client, Earth Plant Hire - a prospering heavy machinery hire company - went from living in a world of spreadsheets to an innovative, custom built piece of software, integrated to their website.
Earth Plant Hire's team - both in the office and out in the field - were unable to see the costs/revenue from their 50+ heavy machines, despite numerous onerous spreadsheets that captured the worlds of data that were logged (and sometimes lost) on pieces of paper out on projects. Now, they are able to see the revenue contribution of every single piece of equipment, accessory and service element through our custom solution.

It also enables the company to automatically generate invoices, forecast demand, maintenance and additional revenue opportunities.

Results driven technology

What does all this mean for the bottom line?

It means greater productivity for revenue lines, which means greater opportunity to generate income and growth. It shows the business how to create efficiencies in maintenance, servicing and administration so that skilled resource and time can be deployed where it matters in the business.

Want to know exactly what we did to take Earth Plant Hire toward tomorrow?

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