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Four web developers sit looking at their computers in an open plan office. A subtitle reads 'The Mysterious Life of Developers'
Image: Screenshot of this video.

#general: This simple way that one automation is handling GDPR compliance- Drip Knowledge Base, EU Compliance Consent (GDPR)

#marketing: This article to help us become better writers - 5 tips on writing from ‘The Economist Style Guide’

#random: This riveting saga that's been eating away at our team - the Brooklyn Nine Nine cancellation and rebirth - The story behind how 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' was cancelled and renewed in 31 hours

#random: This flashback that is regularly shared around our office - have you ever witnessed a Developer in their natural habitat? - The Mysterious Life of Developers

#marketing: This blog we wrote last year about how to get your Squarespace template choice (and really any website design) right - Choosing the Right Squarespace Template for Your Business


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