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Is this the end of one platform to rule them all?


In March, Adobe Business Catalyst announced the end of life of the product was on its way.

Now, what follows isn’t a story about customer disillusionment or frustration at a service provider for making a clear business decision.

This isn’t one of those open breakup letters to a piece of software that seem to play so well online.

It isn’t a lament of what could have been.

Instead, it’s the facts as I see them.

The realities of how business does - or will - operate, and how the digital platforms that we rely on will change as well.

Things change

This might be one of the biggest, most obvious, blanket statements of all time.

But it’s true.

Things do change.

The upcoming closure (a few year’s away yet) is forcing change across a large amount of small and medium Australian business. Hazarding a guess (on a per capita basis) Australia’s small and medium business sector is one of the most serviced by Business Catalyst. As these businesses migrate to new platforms, there will be a fundamental shift in the digital fabric of the Australian business space.

But is Adobe forcing this shift, or are we just riding the wave of existing trends?

The end of one platform to rule them all

We have something to admit.

Before Adobe’s announcement, we had already started looking at a world beyond Business Catalyst. In many cases, it was still the best option for many clients and, while we didn’t foresee it’s closure, we had begun to look beyond the ‘all-in-one’ approach.

Since becoming Big Blue Digital we have transitioned from servicing 400+ Adobe BC websites to just 110.


Because things change.

Across the board, people are looking for simpler, fit-for-purpose solutions and businesses are responding, whether in the Software-as-a-Service space or elsewhere.

Over the last few years I’ve witnessed a clear shift in business from trying to offer anything and everything, and going back to basics, defining their niche and focusing on what they’re really good at.

In terms of Software-as-a-Service, this means that the products rising to the top are fit for purpose, scalable, and open to integration. Businesses are moving on from “one size fits all” platforms and focusing on a more robust digital ecosystem, which is made up of a tapestry of interwoven services, systems and application tools.

We aren’t any different.

For us, the shift from Bosweb Systems to Big Blue Digital three years ago was an acknowledgement that we offered so much more than just website services. In the early days of Big Blue Digital, we used the phrase ‘full service digital agency’ a lot because we wanted to offer everything to everyone.

But over the last three years we’ve had to narrow our focus.

We focus on what we’re good at.

Finding smarter ways for fast-growing and mid-market businesses to overcome,

  • Outdated or overly complex systems

  • Time consuming marketing work 

  • Change fatigue

We’re not afraid to partner to deliver certain niche services. We’re expanded our network of partners and collaborators.

Tomorrow, today

We pride ourselves on being tomorrow but we fall into the same trap as other businesses - business as usual is easy. 

While it’s not ideal, we’re embracing our future and, in a world beyond Business Catalyst, an opportunity to break ourselves out of business as usual.

The closure of Business Catalyst will barely make a blip in terms of media.

I’ve already seen news of Adobe’s acquisition of Magento shared multiple times around my social (media) sphere. However the closure of Adobe’s own website hosting platform has hardly rated a mention.

But, it is forcing a large and transformative change in Australia’s small to mid market business sphere.

This is a massive opportunity for many to ride the current wave of change for a smarter digital business.

We've created an Adobe Business Catalyst migration page to help give businessess guideance on the change. Check it out, or watch our GM Paul and Marketing Lead Sarah discuss Adobe Business Catalyst, and our response, in our most recent Facebook Live session.

Or grab a coffee and join us live on our Facebook page every Wednesday afternoon fro Coffee Talk...LIVE!

We acknowledge that there are many smaller service providers in our community who will be facing the closure of their business as a result of Adobe’s announcement. You may hear these stories through their social media, or through tech publications. We are very glad not in that position. To them, we offer our sympathy and support.


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