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3 Tips to Create a Great Website or Digital Solution Brief

This month, we’re focussed on helping you sell more in the digital space. There is a world of digital solutions out there to help you do just that — from e-commerce platforms, to the shiniest new social media thing, to Point of Sale tools and custom dashboards to keep your sales team active and accountable — so how do you a) get the best advice to choose the right tool or b) give the right information to get the right thing built for your business?

Luckily, we work with clients on these types of questions every day. Far from just offering website development or marketing advice, we make sure we really understand our partner’s goals and aspirations, and design the best digital solution to fit them: whether that’s hunting out the best platform, building something to fit, or structuring internal communications campaigns to get the whole team on board.

Here are three key tips to help you get the thing you need - and nothing you don’t.


1. Let your supplier understand your business

Don’t just brief based on the one problem you’re trying to solve.

Often, one solution can have multiple benefits - which means there is also a risk of adverse impacts.

If your solutions provider knows what is going on across your whole business — mainly what your key business goals are, in a quantifiable and time limited way — they can better assess not just the problem at hand, but the broader context and come up with a solution that truly fits your business.


2. Write it out

And draw it if you have to.

Having a written brief (that may evolve over time) gives you a document to come back to throughout the process, to check in with and make sure everyone is still tracking toward the same goals.

This has been incredibly important for a major project we have recently undertaken.

One of the very first steps was to collate survey and interview data from an organisation that we were creating a digital solution for. We knew exactly what the users wanted, and what the organisation’s overarching goals were. They’ve kept us accountable to that initial vision, and we’ve kept them accountable to it as well.

We know exactly what we need to deliver, but sometimes you (whether vendor or client) can get carried away with the fun bells and whistles, which brings me to...


3. Focus on the need, not the want

Never were the words of the Rolling Stones more apt: You can’t always get what you want, but you might just get what you need.

Sometimes, especially when dreaming up a bespoke digital solution, we know exactly what we want.

I saw one just like it, you think. Build me that, but with my logo, I hear you say.

Trust me when I say that you will get the best results for your business when you view the transaction as a partnership.

And a partnership implies a certain level of trust. And give-and-take on both sides.

Trust that the partner you have chosen know what they’re doing, but, throughout the process be sure to ask them WHY. If something isn’t what you want, you might just find, by asking WHY, that it’s exactly what you need.

Want to learn more about some of the ways we’ve worked to help our client’s meet their goals? Read about our work with the Western NSW Local Health District and learn how, by working in a partnership, they were able to introduce new revenue streams to their business and move 90 per cent of their transactions online, saving time and money for their staff.



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