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Our development guidelines

Have you ever wondered what standard we hold ourselves to when we develop systems?

Over the past 12 months, we've prepared different development guildeines to share with clients in reasearch papers and other consulting work. And it's time to shre them with you.

When you work with us, we'll always aim to do the following.

1. Big Blue Digital advocate a ‘device agnostic’ approach to all website design and development. That is, neither the desktop, mobile or tablet experience should be prioritised.

2. The user should sit at the centre of all work. As such, the process for site development or redesign should begin with gaining an understanding of customer and the content should be shaped to suit their needs. Following this, the design should support and enhance content, rather than content being manipulated to suit the design.

3. When developing new layouts and templates the use of inline CSS styles should be eliminated to ensure ease of maintenance.

4. All images should be optimised, resized and compressed in the correct format before uploading to the site to ensure both a premier visual experience and optimal load times.

5. The inclusion of alt-tags, unique page titles and meta-descriptions should be included in the content upload process to ensure best practice from a search and usability perspective.

6. Pages should each have one clear message and purpose and should exist to provide information and clear calls to action to the user. Pages (volume) and their content should regularly be audited and rationalised to maintain a clear and tight site structure.

7. Where possible, A/B testing (the user review and testing of two different versions of a site design or structure) should be implemented to ensure users are being guided as per the designer’s intention and site owner’s (organisation’s) goals.

8. All websites and digital marketing activity should be supported by an Analytics Model based on the organisation’s overall goals and mission. Further insights should be gained by the installation of a website session recording system which would expose usability or navigation issues and demonstrate exactly how users read and absorb content on the site.

9. Where possible, site owners should consider whether they are fully utilising their full site license fees and services. They should regularly question and rationalise third party systems, where the same service is provided within a license already paid for.

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