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3 Essential Automations for Time Poor Marketers

Over the course of a day, a few extra minutes here and there can reap HUGE rewards. One way to “find” that extra time is by automating manual processes and letting them, well, just run themselves.

Some of these tips might not quite do that - these specific automations are targetted at building your army of loyal brand advocates. But take the time now to set them up and I know you’ll see the rewards.

Already got these in place?

We recommend revisting them annually to bring a fresh eye to your approach.

Grow your contact list

Before you automate anything, make sure that you have a way to capture the email addresses of those who want to hear from you.

Look at where a newsletter sign-up form can be embedded on our website, and really consider creating a landing page dedicated to collecting newsletter sign ups - this is an easy way to drive subscribes from your social channels and ad campaigns.

Create a welcome email series

Having a welcome email series is really email marketing automation 101, yet people still forget to do it.

Once somebody signs up to your newsletter, what do they recieve?

Do they get a personalised, nurturing email, telling them what to expect or other resources they might like?...or do they get the standard template offered by your email service provider?

Consider the whole journey - maybe email one is just a quick hello, but a few days later a second email points them to more content in your youtube channel and, if they take action, maybe it’s time you introduce them to your products. Do this right, paying attention to the wording, layout and images, and you will hooked your reader in, and have them hanging out for your next contact – first impressions are often the best impressions.

Revive your dying contacts

Email marketing is SO powerful. We all capture so much data every day, it’s time to use it!

Identify customers/clients who haven’t purchased from you or used your services recently. It could also be those who haven’t made a purchase at all, despite signing up for your email notifications. Or those who have recieved all your emails but never ever clicked.

What message could you send these people to get them more involved, and turn them nto not just loyal followers, but loyal buyers?

We try to send an email to our subscribers once a month. If one of our subscribers hasn't opened an email from us or visited the any page at our website after 4 months, we send them a little note to please not die off! Even if we miss a month's regular email (hey, we're only human!) the four month timeline gives our susbcribers plenty of time to re-engage.

Social media

Automating content curation and posting processes is such a time saver.

We’re currently using Sendible to schedule content, or add it to queue, a few times a week. While nothing replaces being active in the channels and engaging to build loyalty, automating the smaller elements of our social media plan, has saved us tonnes of time. We can use our new found time for doing more important things, like engaging with like-minded users, planning great content for our blog and newsletters, and doing great work for clients, which is what we really love.

So, what marketing work could you automate?

The set-up can be time consuming, but knowing that your automations are just ticking away and helping you nurture your customers while you do other work is a really satifying feeling.


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