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Big Blue Digital Celebrates International Women's Day


Yesterday, International Women’s Day was celebrated around the world. The annual day exists to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women as well as to draw attention to parts of the world where progress is slower, where action is required to make meaningful change.

To celebrate, as part of our Wednesday Win series, we wanted to draw attention to a woman in our region who is known internationally as a leader in her field, working to ensure regional businesses, particularly farmers, get involved in creating a better future for our planet.

Louisa Kiely


Louisa is a Principal of Carbon Farmers of Australia, a carbon marketing and consultancy firm who make it easier for regional businesses to get involved in carbon abatement projects - and increase their productivity and bottom line in the process.

Louisa has seen the attitude toward carbon abatement shift - from being something "nice to do" from an environmental perspective (and probably seen as a little "out there"), to being seriously considered as a business imperative and essential aspect of holistic farm management. Her involvement in the sector nationally has certainly been a part of this change.

Very few people can speak about carbon abatement - particularly on farm - with the passion and wealth of knowledge that Louisa holds.

Having raised three children and established a successful city based marketing agency (which she grew to 55 employees), Louisa returned to her first love of farming via an Advanced Diploma of Farm Management at Sydney University (Orange), and since 1998 has worked in this sector from her home in the Wellington district in NSW.

In February 2006, she co-founded the Carbon Coalition Against Global Warming to lobby governments to allow Australian farmers to market any "carbon credits" they could earn through sequestering (storing) carbon in soils. The Carbon Farming Initiative, introduced by the Australian Government in 2011 (and the subsequent Emissions Reduction Fund) saw this dream become reality, creating an entirely new income stream for Australian farmers.

Since then, she and her husband have worked with landholders and other businesses to understand, implement and make the most of this opportunity. The Orana region, where Louisa is based, has seen massive economic benefits from being involved in projects like these, and much can be attributed to her involvement.

Louisa is a true leader in her field, and we’re very proud to count her as a client of Big Blue Digital.


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