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Why I Am (Re)investing In Marketing

Paul Ridoutt, Sarah Stanford, Leanne O'Sullivan and Brendon O'Sullivan

Read this if,
  • You don’t believe that digital marketing will ensure the survival of your organisation.

  • You could be doing more to increase your sales and improve customer relationships.

  • Your colleagues suggest you should do more marketing.

  • You can’t convince your boss to invest in marketing.

We failed ourselves as our own best client

It's been our reality for a while. But lately, it’s been playing on my mind.

We failed ourselves as our own best client.


Every day, we make digital marketing easier for other businesses. We streamline management and make it measurable. We get great results.

But, about two years ago, we put the brakes our marketing effort. We used the exact same reasons that our clients do.
  • We put the work of our clients ahead of our own marketing needs.

  • The results aren't always not tangible (that is, it's difficult to measure potential over what had already happened).

  • There was no immediate Return on Investment (if I market today, I want financial rewards tomorrow).

Essentially it was too hard to justify the investment when we were already super busy and resource poor.

The builder’s house

A builder’s house is always the last one completed. 

Just like that builder, for the past two years, we have been a business of ‘do as we say, not as we do’.

Despite all my experience, what I told clients, what my team were telling me and what my own digital marketing specialist wife was telling me, I wasn't prepared to allocate time and money to the marketing of my business.

We had enough going on.

Wow. What a mistake!

Content marketing creates long tail leads.

When you invest in marketing, you invest in,
  • Your brand

  • Your reputation

  • Your customer relationships

  • ‚ÄčThe longevity of your business

Investing in customer relationships is one of the best investments you will make

If we had maintained our regular marketing calendar two years ago, we would now be seeing the result of two years of that investment.

At the time, we didn't have the workers or the need. Work on our own business was the last thing on the list.

In that time we lost a huge advantage.
  • We were only talking to the clients who had immediate needs or concerns. Our other clients didn't know that our door was always open.

  • We weren't talking to our partners. They weren't being reminded that we were ready to collaborate.

  • We weren't building new relationships. We won't always find people when they have a problem. We need to build long-term relationships so that they think of us first when they need us.

  • We didn’t maintain our content. Getting back on track has taken more time than we expected.

Despite the time it takes, you should invest in marketing.

I have confidence that the investment will pay off.

Over many years in this industry, I have learnt that starting (or restarting) is the biggest hurdle we face.

It takes time to acknowledge that you have a problem. You have to decide that you want to fix that problem and take steps to invest in the solution.

By the time that happens you just want results, fast. 

I can't guarantee those fast results. Marketing without planning - time and time again - results in work that doesn't reach the right people or tell the right story. 
It's also easy to get over-excited and overcook your content plan in a way that makes it incompatible with your resourcing.

It becomes unsustainable. You stop doing it. The cycle starts again.

As a business owner, I’m always trying to get the time, money, resource juggle mix right. And it’s a process, but choosing to start and investing in a good plan is the first step.

If you're in the same position that I have been, good luck.

Here's to a brighter tomorrow...with more marketing!
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