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#random: This article that shows us that, if our NBN is ever slow, we only have ourselves to blame - NBN blaming 'gamers' for slow broadband contradicts its own online advice

#marketing: This ode to content design that Sarah wrote - Can content design make web projects go faster?

#dev-team: This range of memes that (probably) only developers will appreciate - Microsoft buying GitHub has led to some extremely nerdy memes

#bigcommerce: This new term we leant thanks to our pals at BigCommerceIf You Want to Talk Like a Silicon Valley CEO, Learn This Phrase

#random: Yass Queen! - The 'Queer Eye' guys visited a town that's actually called Yass

#general: And an extra for you this week, congratulations to the Southern Districts Rebels on a great ladies day and walking away with a win. We're very proud sponsors - Southern Districts Rebels score statement win with 23-10 victory over Northern Suburbs


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