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Screenshot of mobile medic video
Image from here.

#dev-team: This really useful overview of the WCAG guidelines, and how everyone can make their sites easy to use - The new guidelines in WCAG 2.1 explained

#marketing: This AMAZING campaign that had students diagnosing medical issues using their smartphones and digital billboards - Australian Defence Force - Mobile Medic

#opportunities: This great sales advice, that captures not only how we gather information in the sales process but in dsicvoery as well (hint: it's not about pre-prepared questions, it's about listening) - Stop Preparing So Much: Why Your Next Question Matters More

#random: This story that gets thrown around any time someone mentions how easy life would be if we all just had a barcode - Biohacker Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow who implanted Opal Card into hand escapes conviction

#marketing: This (and many other) pages that now come with extra buttons, after Sarah got overexcited about how cool and easy Drip's form pop-ups are to create and manage - What We Do - Strategy & Consulting


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