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3 Reasons to Rewrite Your Website Content Now


It’s the thing that drives viewers and search engines to your website.

It describes who you are and what you do to the world.
Along with great design, it’s the thing that turns that land you own out there on the internet (your website) into a real home.

Recently, we were pleased when a client of ours, Australian National Field Days, decided to take us up on an exclusive client offer for a Content Refresh.

Once you build your home, you still need to keep up with ongoing maintenance and maybe even renos.

A content refresh is an easy way to get this done.

Whether your website is ten years old or ten days old, regular content reviews are an essential health check that everyone should undertake.

Before diving in and getting started, we reccomend you take a refresher on why your site content is so important and then gather data on how it's currently performing.

So go read Content and Automation: Your Key to Driving Sales and then get your content audit sheet and start working.

Your website (and business bottom line) will thank you for it, and here’s three reasons why:

1. Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

It’s an age-old saying, but four eyes really are better than two! We are the first to admit no one is perfect and it’s amazing to see how much can really slip under your radar.

When reviewing any site we always stumble across some obvious and not so obvious typos across the pages along with some formatting errors - these are things that can so often be altered instantly, why not jump in and do it?

2. A New Outlook

A Content Audit doesn’t just pick up mistakes - it also opens your eyes to new possibilities.

When we undertook the Australian National Field Day’s review, we not only reviewed the text on the website, but also spent some time taking a long hard look at the design.

We suggested small changes that made navigation easier for the user, just in the use of different headings to break up text and placement of images.

Setting aside the time to really consider every aspect of your site gives you the opportunity to address things you might see every day, but not consider as you’re so busy with everything else.

3. Get Your Message Out There

Finally, the third and final reason you should consider a content audit - to refine your message.

Your content should be current and should clearly convey the message you are trying to get to your customers. Website’s are never static - they are living things that always evolve - so viewers expect information to be as up-to-date as possible.

Regularly schedule these little check-ups throughout the year to tweak as necessary, so you don’t get overwhelmed by massive changes all at once.


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