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Why Customer Experience Is Key (And Your Internal Processes Matter)

No matter what you’re selling, the process is often the same.

There’s a pursuit of your quarry - the chase leading to the sale. Whether it takes 5 minutes or 5 months, the work that gets someone to the point of sale is intense.

It might involve previous customer behaviour analysis that influences your buying or visual merchandising (think of in-store retail). Or maybe it’s getting to really know a potential client and their pain points over long meetings, and developing a proposal to solve their issues (think of a business consultant or similar service).

We all do so much work to chase the sale….but what happens next?

People often think of the services we offer as sitting at the front end of this process - in the world of getting the sale. Website development, digital marketing, social prospecting is all work to find the customers you want.

But we see ourselves as the digital extension of our clients’ organisations, and that means understanding—and seeking solutions to—all their pain points, not just the “get me more customers” kind.

Improving internal productivity, logistics, reporting and member experience and support, have been key pillars of the work we’ve undertaken with the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) over our long relationship.

Introducing our Case Study: ALPMA and Big Blue Digital

We love seeing our clients meeting their goals.

We’re going to be releasing a series of Case Studies to showcase the breadth of the work we can do, and celebrate some of the wins our clients have achieved through adopting certain digital tools.

We worked over a number of years with ALPMA to get a greater understanding of their internal pain points and helped them improve their “post-sales” service to members, and to people attending their annual Summit. At the same time, the work we did reduced their administrative burden (all that work that goes with making a sale) and made it easier for them to report on exactly what was going on inside their online systems - to improve the process for next time.

About Our Partner

The Australasian Legal Practice Management Association is a membership-based organisation, whose members interact with the organisation via an online portal. ALPMA members are individuals with management responsibility within a law firm or legal department, and they attend multiple events throughout the year, including a major annual Summit, to gain professional development recognition.

What We Did

I want to focus on what we did in terms of their annual Summit. We’ve done many other projects over the course of our relationship, which I invite you to read more about in our Case Study, but the Summit work is a great example of how the right solution can reduce (internal) time spent on all the other “stuff” that happens around a sale.

In event management, making a sale really is a blessing and a curse. The more people you have attending an event, the more successful it is, but it also poses more and more logistical issues.

With this is mind, we worked to create an online solution that would make the process of registering and attending the summit easier for both delegates and their hosts.

We built, on top of their existing website, a bespoke solution to manage the Summit from start to finish: bookings into streams, plenaries, and on-demand video content - with a bunch of different discount codes - room availability and pricing at accommodation partners, and more detailed custom reporting for the organisers. We automated pricing changes as early bird rates expire, and designed a ‘face’ for the Summit to show off the speakers, sessions and themes for the year.

The best way to consider this is as a layer birthday cake: You see the delicious and well finished face of the cake (the website) but if you cut into it, there’s a whole lot of cream supporting the sponge layers and holding the whole thing together. Our bespoke solution does just that: it hides away where the public can’t see it, but provides a huge amount of support to ALPMA’s business operations.

So What Did It Achieve?

Most importantly, members got a better experience. With this, and other work we've done, 99 per cent of all transactions occur through the ALPMA website. There is no point prospecting for new customers if your current ones aren’t catered to. With better reporting, the team spends less time understanding exactly who attends their events, and more time creating an event to better cater for their needs next year.

What You Can Learn

The number one tip here is definitely more a business lesson than a purely digital lesson: understand where you spend your time and you how spend it.

Do you currently have administrative or other time consuming work that could be automated or streamlined by an online business solution?

Even if you don’t know whether or not the solution exists, knowing what the problem is gives you the ammunition to ask the right questions and find the right answer for you.

To read more about how we helped ALMPA, download your copy of the Case Study here.


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