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4 Ways Great Video Can Drive Sales

Video isn't just about funny cats or weddings anymore. Businesses today are turning to video to tell their story and promote new products or services. 

Video is being prioritised across all social media platforms. If there was a ever a sign that you should sit up and pay attention to video this would be it.

Using video as a key pillar of your marketing effort really boosts engagement with customers - both existing and potential. Here are four ways video increases the impact of your sales message or, four reasons why you should care about video marketing. 

Girl filming a group of people on elephants with an iPhone

1. Attract New Customers

'Show, not tell' is one of the golden rules of writing. And is there a better way to show than through video? Having an explanatory video on your homepage of your goods or services can be a great way to let potential customers understand what you can do or provide for them.  It can set you apart from your competitors, by explaining to prospective customers the benefits of using your products or services instead of those from the competition.

2. Announce a New Product or Service

Video is a great way to get the word out and generate buzz for a new product or service. Posting a video on YouTube with a fun or cheeky tone to launch your newest product can give you the edge over other boring product announcements, and encourage viewers to visit your homepage to find out more.

3. Educate Customers

Video is a great tool for demonstrating how to use your product or service, and can often be a more helpful tool than a photo or written description. Creating a series of short videos on how to use your products can provide a self-help service for your customers. This can free up staff from taking customer phone calls and allow them to focus on other areas of the business.

A video on one product can link to videos on other products, providing free advertisin; it becomes a sales funnel for attracting new customers.

4. Let Customers Share Their Experience

Customer testimonials in the form of video provide an easy way to help validate your business. Not only do they build positive buzz about you, but customer success videos also create transparency that will help customers see why you're a business worthy of coming back to. A video customer testimonial conveys so much more to prospective customers than a case study ever can.

And, by featuring a happy customer singing your praises in his or her own words, a video helps build trust. It can show who your target demographic is and how your company serves them well, which is why having multiple video testimonials targeting different target markets is always a good idea.

Here at Big Blue Digital, our marketing team work with Nathan Shooter of Thrive Media not only to line up great video opportunities for our clients, but also ourselves. You can check out some of his work here

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