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Headless, scalable and truly different - Our take on the BigCommerce Partner Summit

Sydney harbour bridge - BigCommerce Partner Summit 2018

Last week, some of our team headed off to the 2018 BigCommerce Partner Summit. We heard from BigCommerce, their partners and store owners in Australia, and had some great chats with them about the future of technology not just in ecommerce, but across the board.

Here are our highlights.

Headless commerce

Paul, General Manager

I walked away loving the idea that an ecommerce system can be the sum of its parts.

BigCommerce really seems to be pushing in a headless direction, which is something we've been banging on about recently.

We're seeing a real shift away from the big monolithic platform for businesses who sit in the middle of the market (mid-sized businesses or small businesses who have big growth plans either in size or turnover). You want best of breed platforms for all your needs, and you need them to all work well together.

We're really looking at a future where we pull together a lot of microservices into a custom built solution to allow scalability and flexibility - in fact, we're rolling out a few projects like this right now.

I see a lot of similarities in our philosophy and that of BigCommerce. That's exactly why we partnered with them last year, so it's good to see that we've (unintentionally) evolved together over the last twelve months. 

"Scalability without compromise"

Jason, Technology Lead

It's a great statement.

And even better because it's being backed up by action.

The biggest take away from the day for me, and especially the development specific sessions, was BigCommerce's internal focus on platform openness.

They really seem to embrace the idea of empowering developers, agencies and store owners to utilise and extend BigCommerce how they choose (without relying on the internal engineers). This means that store owners can have incredibly customised sites. You can plug in virtually any other system. BigCommerce is designed to play well with others.

This gives you a lot of flexibility when you first start, and potential to scale or change over time.

Huge features, lower long-term costs

Sarah, Marketing Lead

Not being a 'techy' person, I stayed in the marketing and sales streams for the afternoon sessions. It also means that (like a lot of our clients I'm sure) I sometimes struggle to understand the differences between competitive platforms. I'm not in using an online store every day, how would I know which one is the best?

I also love numbers, and this is really where numbers came into play.

I already knew that one of the key differences was 'out of the box' features - you don't have to buy lots of plugins to get great results. But now I have a note in my diary (underlined approximately a thousand times) that says it can cost $6-$20k for a business using Shopify Plus to reach feature parity with BigCommerce (please don't quote me on that though). If you're considering that those costs are an annual subscription and investment in technology, that's a massive difference and huge barrier to scaling your business or having the flexibility to respond to opportunity.

I really appreciate that BigCommerce has solutions to fit all sections of the market.

They can power stores for the big boys (like GE) but that same power is accessible to new sellers and people who are looking to grow, especially with their Wordpress Plugin and headless direction.

Thanks so much to BigCommerce for hosting us for the day, and for all the other partners invovled.

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