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Do your customers even like you?

What do your clients REALLY think about you?

Do you know that they're happy?


Over the past few years Big Blue Digital has completely transformed the way we do business. That includes how we consider and measure our customer satisfaction.

Our client's goals are our goals


We throw this line around all the time.

And I like to think that we stick to it. When we talk about our team value of prosperity, we say 'for our clients, and for us', because the client comes first.

But there's only one way to know if we're doing what we promised. And it's not rocket science.

We have to ask.

So how do we do that?

1. The Techy Tool: Client Heartbeat

We have used Client Heartbeat as the centre of our client feedback process for about two years. Why?

It’s automated. We use Client Heartbeat to survey our clients every six months. The system prompts us when it needs to be done, making it near impossible to overlook. It syncs with our accounting system, Xero, meaning we don’t spend huge amounts of time pulling and refining lists.

It’s simple. We also keep our survey short and sweet with just four questions, suggested by Client Heartbeat and based on best practice in survey design and market research.

It’s targetted. The questions focus on four key areas, giving us a succinct and easy to measure overview of our business operations across

  • Partnership

  • Promptness

  • Accuracy

  • Helpfulness

It measures trends. The tool also tracks changes in sentiment over time and collates testimonials and other comments - the really juicy stuff. After measuring our results, we are able to implement the changes needed to show we have really understood what it was our client was saying.

2. Getting Social: Measuring Content

Each month we sit down and create a report on our content marketing metrics,

  • How do we rate on social media?

  • What blogs are getting read and shared?

  • Are people (particularly clients) reading our newsletter, signing up to webinars and generally getting involved in what we’re doing?

Our content works hard. We don't just create stuff that helps us get eyes on the site.

We create stuff because we actually believe we have something different and valuable to share. These pieces of content are all about retention - they're written for our clients, and for our client services team to use as resources to support their conversations with clients.

Digital Marketing isn't this great time waste buzzword. It's the path to driving great customer relationships (and revenue and sales).

It's the metrics of the posts with this goal that let us know that whether what we've put out there was a hit or a miss.

3. The Human Element: Just ask

Yeah, we love nitty-gritty numbers, but we're also aware that we have a tendency to rely on systems when a human approach would be enough (it's a tech company trap, we're working on it).

The heart of our client communications and feedback is our people, particularly our client service team.

They meet reguarly to talk about each client in turn, relay positive stories, raise any potential red flags and ensure each and every client is getting both value for money and the attention they deserve.

This also means, that at any time, any member of that team can check in with the client and get an outsiders view on what's working and what's not. And they do. We're starting to make this a more formal process - like a peer review - where every few months a different member of the team checks in with a client and gets the answers to a few key questions. We're creating a rating system for ourselves to sit with this, and thin this will be an individual and collective KPI for this team going forward.

Kicking Goals

Like I said earlier, we make your goals our goals.

But that doesn't mean we don't have goals of our own, and continually improving our scores across these client satusfaction measures is one of them.

If you're a like-minded business, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.


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