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Why You Need a Digital Strategy. Now.

How many resources - money and time - is your digital ecosystem generating for your business? 

How is it creating, converting and growing your lead base?

Think beyond your website. Collect all of your digital elements - both customer and staff facing - together. This is your Digital Ecosystem. Ask yourself, 'do all of the seperate elements of my Digital Ecosystem work together to add true value to my bottom line?'

So do they? How much value does it generate your business?

Not 100% sure? Then you need a Digital Strategy.

Welcome to digital fragmentation

Can you answer these questions,

  • How do your business goals translate as a plan for success in the digital space? (again, this isn't just about your website - it's not even just about your marketing effort - it's any and every digital solution you run in your business and how they work together that's important here)

  • Is your presence and activity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter supporting your business objectives and bringing you closer to your goals with every post?

  • Is your website?

  • How is your intranet, CRM, or business management software taking you closer to your goals?

  • How are you measuring that?

  • And the big one - how do they all work together?

Truth is, most organisations can’t answer these questions. This is and they have a fragmented approach to their digital activities.

They're siloed. They have never considered how their intranet or business management software can actually drive the customer experience and conversion rate in the virtual and physical marketplace. Or how CRM and Social Media can contribute to the organisation’s financial performance.

Fragmention = opportunity

Digital fragmentation is not a bad place to be. It’s an opportunity for significant growth for your organisation, a place to start uncovering efficiencies and taking bigger strides in the right direction.
The centre pivot of your digital success is your Digital Strategy.

A true Digital Strategy acts as a roadmap or blueprint for action toward your long-term goals in the short - medium term. Why short to medium? Digital opportunities change so frequently, your strategy will likely be fluid. A good Digital Strategy gives you the power to be agile, while also not being distracted by every bright shiny new thing that comes up long the way.

A Digital Strategy should essentially map out your big, audacious business goals against digital objectives.

If your goal is to increase your membership to 50% 25-25 year olds, what does that mean for your digital ecosystem? You might focus your attention on digital marketing, really understand which platforms your customers in that demographic are using, and start talking to them there. Maybe your goal is to improve the happiness score from your team's last survey. In this case you'll be thinking about intranets, internal emails, how your culture is represented on your website and LinkedIn, and other internal communication platforms.

The importance of having a Digital Strategy, over digital fragmentation, is why we like to start our major projects and partnerships with a phase of Discovery - an intensive research period to make sure all parties have their ducks in a row.

Yes, any business can plan their own digital strategy. But, with each businesses' digital ecosystem expanding daily, it doesn't hurt to call in an expert before that growth gets out of hand.

We’re experts at developing, executing and supporting these for our clients, with real outcomes.
We can show you through a number of case studies where we’ve helped clients accelerate towards their objectives as a result of developing and executing a Digital Strategy with them.
It doesn’t matter how big or small your business and amibitions are, sit down with us and let’s get your Digital Strategy in place and working hard for your business so you can see real results.

Are you ready to get started on the next phase of your digital success? Get started by understanding your digital ecosystem, and the four facets you need to pay attention to in order to see results.



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