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Why rebrand? The origins of Big Blue Digital


This week we have had many people ask us why rebrand?

Why walk away from an identity that we have built over 15 years?

Business is rarely static, especially not in the digital space. Our business has evolved to offer more and more services beyond 'just websites'. It's time for our identity to reflect the same.

You knew Bosweb - with our green rocket ships and primary focus on website services. But who are Big Blue Digital?

Our Identity

Our identity stems from our industry and role within it (helping businesses be better, and using online tools to do it), our values, our capabilities and offerings. Our name reflects this, and derives from the following,


Data i.e being able to dissect the data exposed from digital tools and services to improve business performance.


Sky i.e nothing is impossible and there are no limits to digital information possibilities.


i.e the type and variance of the range of services we offer, online marketing services and online business solutions such as web based software systems & info tech services).

Business in an online world

This is what we stand for. As were designing the visual elements to support the name and identity, we kept coming back to the image of a cloud - that this, the digital 'Cloud' that everyone refers to, and everything in and around it.

We help businesses be better, and we use digital, cloud based systems to do it.

The image that most resonated with us were clouds parting high in the sky - some dark, some light, and an opening area in the centre at the end. There can be good and bad in 'The Cloud', but we always work for the good at the end, or the 'sunshiney day'. Our office will have this image installed along the length of our conference room to remind us that while there are challenges in this space, we should always work toward the good.

The jewel in the crown

As for our logo - 'the digital cloud' - it reflects all of the ideas above, but also shows the multi-faceted nature of online business. You'll hear us talking more and more about the interconnected nature of the digital ecosystem - to avoid the 'dark places' in the cloud, it's important to approach each facet (or part) of your ecosystem (like your web, social and analytics), in a strategic way, and consider how they connect, overlap and as a collection of interconnected data points -  rather than fluffy white vapour!


More than words

With a new look and name, comes a new slogan, but that's not all.

Our slogan 'we are tomorrow', is a bold statement.

But we're ready to back it up. Not only do we feel incredibly comfortable with existing technologies, we have filled our busines with people who aren't afraid of change. Our whole team enjoys the challenge of tackling something new - to us, tomorrow is a place where agility and improved business practices aren't scary, they're simple.

When we say, 'we are tomorrow...and we can take you there too', that means you can rely on us as a partner. We do our best work when we're treated as an extension of our client's business. That's why we've also introduced the Digital Success Partnership. It's a way of partnering that takes everything we've learnt over the past 15 years and puts it into practoce - delivering agility, flexibility and reliability to our partners.

We love the change, we hope you will come to love it too.

Learn more about how we partner. Let's bring your business into tomorrow. 

Our Digital Success Partnership are Your Secret Weapon, Discover How We Partner


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