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Embrace change - with good planning

Like all businesses that embark on a rebrand, we have been reviewing all of our systems, processes and planning tools, to make sure we review what needs to be changed. keep what will still work, re-engineer what needs to be tweaked and to reconstruct what no longer works for us going forward.

The planning for our re-brand was months in the making. 

More than just thinking about a new logo, it has involved us as a team really focussing on our values as a business and our values as individuals. We have also focussed our attention on what that might look like when presenting that value to our clients.

We will be blogging, vlogging and sharing snippets of this thinking as we move forward, but really, you, our clients, will be seeing this first hand. In the changed way we will be dealing with you, how we present and communicate our ideas to you, how we focus on your goals and put in place plans to meet those goals. 

Today we had started honing in on our own social media plans, as they are massaged to suit our overall digital strategy for Big Blue Digital. 

  • You might have caught up with us via persiscope today...

  • You could have seen our facebook post or caught a glimpse on instagram

  • Maybe you are browsing this post tonight via LinkedIn - connecting with myself or Brendon.

However you connect with us, know that we are following the same tools to build our digital strategy that we use for our clients. We wouldn't support something that 

Large or Small - we can take you where you want to be tomorrow.

Why not start today?


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