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Domains, CMS, DNS - Your Simple Website Glossary

For most people we work with - CEOs, General Managers, or Heads of Marketing, Communications, or Operations - the information we have collated here is not essential. We have compiled this simple glossary to help you talk to your IT provider, website service provider or just to scratch that itch to know it all.


Content Management System 

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a software or set of programs that allows you to create, gather and manage all the content you need for your site.

This is the platform you will use to put your site together, and where your content (pages, words, images) will live. 

Things to consider when choosing a CMS are:
  • Customisation - do you want a simple, easy to manipulate platform that gives you the power to make quick updates? Or do you want something more customised, with more features?

  • Reliability - Uptime guarantees are a good one to look at. Every site is going to have it’s moments, but some are more dependable than others. 

  • Sign up prices and renewal prices - Some appear cheaper right off the bat in the initial stages but have higher renewal fees you’ll have to face down the track. 

Kentico Cloud is a ‘headless’ CMS that purely manages content - in the cloud. Content is created and managed in the cloud, and from there it can be shared across a range of different websites and interfaces. Basically, your words and images live in Kentico Cloud but the ‘front-end’ (your templates, styles and the actual site you use) live somewhere else.

Compare this with the more traditional, Kentico CMS or EMS which holds the content, templates and styles - and also has a bunch of other features like an eCommerce platform and built in online marketing features. It is scalable, meaning it can be used for smaller sites right through to ones with huge amounts of content.


Hosting Service Provider 

A Hosting Service Provider (HSP) is a company that delivers the infrastructure needed for organisations to host their websites. 

They have servers that you can use install a CMS onto.

For most businesses, your CMS and your Hosting Service Provider are one in the same.

For example, 

Squarespace is a cloud hosted CMS that allows you to built a site - and host it - all in one. It provides the design templates, features and support you need to build the site.

Adobe Business Catalyst is another all in one - it has traditionally been used to house sites that are more complex or require more customisation, like those attached to membership based organisations or businesses with complex processes. 

Examples of standalone HSP’s are GoDaddy, Crazy Domains and Rack Space. These will work alongside your CMS to host your site.



Your Domain name is like your postal address - but online. 

It is the address that people will use to find you. Once it’s been registered to you, it’s unique and nobody else can register the same one.
You may manage your own domain, or a third party (like your IT or website service provider) may manage it on your behalf.


Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS is part of a set of instructions that tells servers what to do when your domain is used. It is how computers exchange data on the Internet, taking the user-friendly domain name of your site and turning it into an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Computers then use this to identify each other on the network. 

For example, if someone types ‘’ into a web browser, the DNS for Google points to an IP address, and tells the web browser to go there. 


We - Big Blue Digital - are your architects and builders

A website build is the combination of multiple materials. 

Just like a house.

Each part is important to its overall construction and presentation.

Do you go with brick, or weatherboard? Two story or one? Tiles or carpet?

Each decision is backed by logical reasoning and everyone has different needs.

It's the same for a website. There are many different ways to go and many different reasons behind each choice.

We gather all the materials you need and put it together. Most importantly, we help you make the best decisions on how to build it, taking into account budget, lifestyle (process, systems and culture) and goals. 

Are you a Big Blue Digital client and not sure where these services live for your business? Please connect and we will provide clarity on your Digital Ecosystem.
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