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3 Things You Need To Know About Apps

You’ve probably heard everyone talk about ‘Apps’, but what are they really?

Once upon a time - let’s say the late 90s - every man and his dog decided they needed a website. Then, in the mid-00s it was a facebook page. And now we all need an App.

But does your business really need an app, and do you know enough about them to make that decision?

1. There are two kinds of App

When considering creating an App, you’ll be faced with two options: Native Apps and Hybrid Apps. While we may be more familiar with Native Apps - think of Instagram, once you’re in the App you stay ‘native’ and don’t end up somewhere that looks like a website - Hybrid Apps can be just as effective and possibly come at a lower cost.

So, what are they really?

2. When you think ‘App’, you’re probably thinking ‘Native App’

Basically, these are applications native to a device (generally your phone or tablet). Native Apps do not require a web browser to run - you just need to install them and get going.

Native Apps allow for strong interactivity and graphics for Gaming (an example of this is a personal favourite of mine, Angry Birds). They can also run in the background at all times recording data and making decisions, even when the user is not using the app.

3. Native App + Website = Hybrid App

Hybrid Apps act as a gateway to websites but for all intents and purposes look and feel like a Native App. Again, to access the App you download it from a store and interact with it as you would a Native App - but the content mostly lives on your website.

If you have a functioning, responsive (i.e. one that re-sizes for different devices) website, and you’d like to capture similar information in your App, then maybe a Hybrid App is the way to go.

Another benefit is that updating content is instant, you don’t have to release a new version of the App to the store you are selling it from.

So if you ever consider developing an App for your business, make sure you consider what you really need, and make sure you speak with someone who understands your current Digital Ecosystem, business goals and needs.

We pride ourselves on truly understanding our client’s businesses to get the right results for them - this is because we’ve seen what happens when there is miscommunication, or when agencies and clients don’t share the same goals. Developing an App is no small undertaking, so be sure to speak with someone you trust to get the job done right.


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