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Can my website be viewed offline? How to make it happen


By definition, you have to have a solid internet connection to view them right?


Now thet we're used to living with a computer in our pocket, websites are at a disadvantage compared to native apps (like those you can get from the App Store). They only work well when your internet connection is strong, and don't work at all without it.

BUT a website using ServiceWorker technology can work 100% without internet, just like native apps.

ServiceWorker-enabled sites are ready to go - offline - after their first visit.

This means that Site Owners won’t need to convince users to download an app - they can get the benefits with none of the hassle.

Site Owners won’t need to build and maintain multiple apps for the major platforms (Mac, iOS, Android, PC, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc).

Just like web pages, a ServiceWorker is built once for all platforms.

ServiceWorker provides other advantages, too:

ServiceWorker can make sites lightening-fast

Because all the essential information is already on the device, pages load instantly. Readers won’t abandon your site because it took too long to load.

Websites Can Push Notifications out to Readers

As a site owner, I can send live updates to my readers, even if they’re not on the site right now; they’ll come back to my site with a single tap on the notifications.

Keep the User’s Data in Sync

As a reader of a site, I always want the latest news ready for reading, even if I don’t currently have Internet. ServiceWorker tech can keep the freshest articles ready on my device, waiting for me.

Awesome! When can I start using ServiceWorker?

Today! Google’s Chrome browser and the Opera browser have full support, and Firefox will be ready before the end of the month. The others (Internet Explorer, and Safari) will hopefully be ready soon; you can follow their progress on

ServiceWorker tech is a Progressive Enhancement - this means that if the user’s browser doesn’t have ServiceWorker support, sites will continue to work as they always have.

But do I need it?

Great question. We find many businesses hear about a new cooll thing and either a) decide it's too hard and scary so don't pursue it or b) decide they definately need to do it without considering how it fits with the strategic plan for their business.

That's why we take a 'discovery first' approach to work. We want to get to know your business, in-depth, and then deliver you a technology or marketing (or both!) blueprint so that you know exactly what you need, why and how to measure the results.

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