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6 ways to increase your Instagram impact


Visual storytelling has become a key strategy for brands looking to increase loyalty and recognition.

Because of this, Instagram has become an integral part of many brands’ Digital Ecosystem

We love Instagram, and many of the stunning accounts out there, so we thought we’d use a select few examples to show you just how to make Instagram work better for you...and how you can have some fun while doing it!

1. Plan your content around your brand persona

The On-brand Superstar:

@inspiredmood, staying on brand with each post that shares the underlying message of promoting a healthy and happy country lifestyle.


2. Get snapping and create some styled posts

The Beauty Queen:

@samanthawillsofficial, a cleverly crafted account which showcases the specified imagery across a number of posts on the account gridview. 


3. Always link back to your anchor point

The Sporty Salesgirls:

@stylerunner, promotes on-trend luxe activewear brands and encourages viewers on their posts to go through to their website, using a link in bio profile, to shop online.


4. Be savvy and build a community through visual storytelling

The Modern Storyteller: 

@p.e.nation, from their beginning, this account has been building anticipation (launching March) and a customer following through visual storytelling about their retro multi-tasking performance womens wear.

@P.E.Nation on Instagram

5. Make friends! Utilise hashtags and link other Instagram accounts

You’ll find more and more businesses using Hashtags and linking with other Instagram accounts for their online activity. (We love a good Hashtag at Big Blue Digital!)


To get you started, think about:

  • Consolidating your accounts to represent your brand or business,

  • Use relevant Hashtags and link with other businesses that relate to your post,

  • Follow trends to see what is popular and if it is relevant to your business,

  • Create your own Hashtag for your brand, or a specific event or campaign.

6. Monitor, measure, analyse...and adjust accordingly

Keep regular watch of your Social Media Metrics on a monthly basis, to help you see what’s working, what needs extra attention and even, what you should change. It pays to look at your image’s customer engagement, likes, comments, followers, mentions, and time of posting and sales conversions.

BONUS TIP: What’s new!

For all Instagram lovers, the release of a long awaited feature of ‘add and switch between multiple accounts is finally here.

You now have the ability to add and manage up to five Instagram accounts without having to log in and out to switch between them.

It’s super easy.

  1. Go to your Profile Settings cog and scroll down to the ‘Add Account’ option.

  2. From there, tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts.

  3. Once you have multiple accounts added, you see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app, so you’re able to tell which one you’re using at the current time.

A bonus feature that is also available is the new way to share posts through Direct Messaging.

From the post in the gridview, you can now tap and hold to expand the image, plus like, comment and share. Or there’s a tricky arrow icon you can use to share directly via your Direct Messages.


Yes, I’m pretty excited about this feature!

When working with clients on their digital presence, it is important to ensure they have a strong understanding of the different Social Media platforms out there, and what their customers are actively using.

So, if you would like help taking you through the steps of boosting your business’s Instagram, and presence on other platforms, to set you apart from your competitors, contact us and start your journey.


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