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Stuff We Slacked: New Year Edition

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Our usual link wrap up...with a difference.

We're not back in until the 7th of January, but in the meantime, here is a wrap up of our 2018 articles that best represent the work we did over the year, and the types of work we are excited to do in 2019.

Happy New Year. Best wishes for a 2019 full of simpler systems, business growth and - as always - good cheer.

Blockchain, AI and Automation: Things to watch in 2018 - How spot on were our predictions in January?

The End of One Platform To Rule Them All? - Brendon's take on Adobe Business Catalyst's end of life announcement earlier in the year.

Go Headless for More Efficient Projects - The Headless CMS is favourite technology of the year...and our clients seem to love it too.

3-Must-Have Strategies for Ecommerce - Ecommerce continued to evolve in we wrote an (e)book about it.

Why I am (re)Investing in Marketing - We've noticed that we're not the only ones considering how to reinvest in marketing this year. A look back on where we were 6 months ago.


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