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How good design can develop the story of your brand

One of the most important aspects of marketing (digital and traditional) is to tap into what makes a business special. tapping into your history and sharing your brand's story to the world.

It's our job as content creators to find a way to highlight our client's brand identity and use it to communciate with their audiences. We need to create a journey for their ideal customers to follow.

There are many elements involved in achieving this - all of which are important - but one in particular is imagery.

This is why Canva has become one of the key tools of our trade. Why? It can be quick, simple and effective for graphics that need a fast turnaround or that have a low budget. That said, we still definately still need a graphic design professional in our address book!

A large part of our digital marketing, in particular on Instagram and Facebook, comes down to creating simple, repeatable designs to give an impression of our brand and values. And here's the thing - Canva makes design simple for everyone. And you can create a graphic masterpiece for just about every occasion. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to A4 presentations and even page and email headers.

So here, we walk you through how Canva can be used to help you present a better face to the world.

Let’s say we’re creating an Instagram graphic (because let’s be honest, we all love instagram), so select the Instagram Post icon.


Alas, all that is before you now is a blank canvas to get creative on. To the left of your screen, you’ll see a vertical toolbar.


Why not make a Happy Holidays graphic - we all love the festive season.

This is where your journey begins. The world is your oyster when it comes to the layout you want to use. Here at Big Blue Digital, we have a Canva account which has our branding features, like fonts, colour palettes and layouts. This allows us to keep our brand image consistently strong and regular for our followers. We also create these for our clients, so we can achieve the same for them.

To start with, I’m going to choose a background by uploading one of our stored photos (I thought this was an obvious choice. It suits the tone of the piece but isn’t distracting for what is to come).

Now for the text. With the Big Blue Digital styling we like to use a circle to make our text clearer to read. You may like to include a shape on your background, or even use one of the layouts made by Canva with the text included. 

So if you click on the “Elements” tab, you’ll have a sea of choices at before your eyes. We find our old favourite, the circle, in the “Shapes” area.

These people have actually thought of everything - I’ve been able to adjust the size, colour and transparency of my circle as well as keeping it centre with the guiding lines.

Next up is inserting text into the graphic. Select “Text” from our old the friend the side toolbar and once again you have a sea of choices - you can use templates created by the good people at Canva, or use your own font styling.


We use two different fonts in the Big Blue Digital branding - Raleway and Bebas Neue. So now, I’m going to choose the “Add heading” option and let the creativity flow!

What do we think of this?

There’s just one thing missing….. THE BRANDING. Make sure your logo is included somewhere on your graphic!

Perfect. All you have to do now is press the “Download” button and choose “Image: for Web (JPG)” and you are set to upload your masterpiece on to your social media platforms.

So that’s all there is to know from your Canva Tutorial. But this is just one of the many tools you need under your belt to build up a digital presence and create engaging content for your audience. The digital design is part of a broader social media strategy, that has many elements and layers.

We can show you the importance of laying out a full digital strategy and the difference it can make to your business.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together to make your business better!


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