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Choosing the right Squarespace template for your business


Squarespace is a simple to use, beautiful platform.

The key to its success? Templates.

The platform allows you to choose from a core range of customisable templates, which are built responsive (that is, to work across devices and screen sizes) out of the box. This is one reason that Squarespace sites are so easy to maintain and why the cost barrier to entry is lower than many other sites. 

This benefit does however come with a challenge - choosing the right base template for your site.

So, how do you do it?

1. Know your customer

Who do you sell to or work with? What do they like? How old are they? Where do they hang out?

The start point of any good digital strategy is your customer, and this is also true for your website. Once you understand exactly what types of people will be looking at your site, you can break down what information they need, and what order they need it in. What impression do you need to leave for someone who will only read the homepage. Which customer is more likely to read the site end-to-end and how will they get there? 

Think about site skimmers and deep readers and how you’ll structure your content to increase their chance of conversion.

2. Define your goal

What is the purpose of your site? After viewing your homepage, what do you want your customer to do next?

With this in mind, you can make sure your template has the bells and whistles needed to support this goal.

For example, if you’re a service based business who takes appointments, you might want to consider where your contact phone number will sit on the page. Or will you have a clear, bright ‘book now’ button that stands out from the rest of the menu?

It’s time to start making some decisions...

3. Write a wish list and prioritise

Take the time to look at other sites including those of your competitors. With your customer personas in mind, what do you love, what do you like and what do you loathe?

What elements are non-negotiable? Remember, because Squarespace is template based, it will be important to make sure these non-negotiables are possible in Squarespace’s templates.

We will ask you for this list - it’s the easiest way to reduce how errors in communication or differences in taste affecting your build.

4. Review templates

Squarespace has done a great job of knowing it’s key customers and designing templates to suit. You can browse available templates by business type or industry, or just view all and see what catches your eye.

Otherwise, the Templates and Design section of the Squarespace help centre is incredibly comprehensive in it’s description of templates and the key features of each. Within templates, you can move sections and elements around within any area, control colours and styles and many other elements. However, if a specific blog page look, gallery, or call to action bar is on your wish list, find a template that houses those.

Is Squarespace right for your business?


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