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Squarespace vs Wordpress - who wins for small or mid-market business?

I have had the great pleasure recently of working with the Squarespace platform.

Pleasure is very much the correct word to use. I recently ported over my personal Tumblr to Squarespace and did this with the click of a button. 6 months worth of blogging sucked across in 5 mins. 

So a warning - this blog post is going to be coming down on the side of Squarespace in the Squarespace vs Wordpress battle.

So why do we prefer Squarespace to Wordpress?

Whilst we are Adobe Business Catalyst premier partners, we are not platform dependent.

We provide solutions that suit the needs of our clients. So for many of our smaller clients, solopreneurs or startups, often budget realities mean that a simpler kind of site that does not require too much customisation is the best option for them.


Here are our top 5 reasons as to why Squarespace comes out a winner


1. Simple Elegant templates

Squarespace comes with a core of beautiful, customisable templates, built responsive out-of-the-box. Whilst we realise that there are thousands of Wordpress templates that you can buy, since when does more choice mean better quality? Anyone who has ever read their pay TV  guide knows that isn't true.

We believe that  the Squarespace offering provides a great array of choice for most businesses and (with a little bit of help from us!) has enough customisation options to truly differentiate your brand, even in a standard template. 

2. Simple easy-to-use interface

I am a big fan of clean, easy to use interfaces.

I train lots of clients and I am always mindful of creating easy to use interfaces for them where possible. Squarespace delivers this in spades, no development costs needed. I remember when I first started working with Wordpress, I was shocked at the clunky backend. Text heavy and no WYSIWIG editing at all ('what you see is what you get' - basically a back-end editing space that actually resembles the final product).

Squarespace works on a point and click process once you have logged in. You can view, navigate and edit your site in context - what you see and change is literally what you get with Squarespace.

3. Integrated hosting

A Squarespace site is hosted on Squarespace. So every time they upgrade, everything is upgraded. No more crazy plugin updates to worry about. I have always hated with Wordpress the annoying plugin updates that occur ALL THE TIME, not to mention how vulnerable this makes your site. Sick of things always breaking on Wordpress? Out-of-date plugins are usually the culprit. Squarespace is the answer.

4. Superior support

You deal with the one help desk for everything. They are fast, knowledgeable and friendly. With support ticketing, online chats and extensive video library, Squarespace prides itself on providing premium support as part of your subscription. You have access to all the experts in one place. 

5. All the features you ACTUALLY need

I am not a big fan of over-engineered solutions. At last count, Wordpress had millions upon millions of plugins that "did things". So do you really need that?

In our experience, a business looking to make their mark digital, doesn't need too many "things". Focus on key messaging and solid conversion techniques to drive online business success. You don't need to be suckered in with the promise of more functionality - or distracted by shiny bright lights that add to your upkeep and adminstrative burden - when thinking about the platform that best suits your needs.

Remember, your website is ony one piece of the puzzle

As with all things, the technology is not going to be the determining factor for a successful online business. Sound digital marketing practice, regardless of platform is where your focus needs to be. 

So, have I peaked your interest?

Is Squarespace right for your business?

Connect if you have any questions.


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