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50% of your emails are opened on mobile - are you ready?

User experience is everything.

Jason here, today I will be delving into the realm of email design!

Fact: over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices and statistics show that this isn’t slowing down, personally as a consumer (like others) I am significantly more likely to immediately delete emails that appear messy on my phone and aren’t designed to be mobile friendly.
Yes, a multi-column email newsletter may look great on a desktop computer with a large monitor however how does this appear when squeezed onto the smaller screen of a phone or tablet? Things can get messy very quickly: fonts reducing in size, content becoming unreadable and entire layouts being broken. When this happens, user experience is thrown out the window.
So what can we do?
There are two paths that can be taken when designing emails for a mobile audience,



Using a mobile friendly layout for your email content is the simplest way to ensure that your email newsletters are providing the best possible user experience. Usually this means taking advantage of a single full width column to maximise screen real estate.
The #1 benefit of this approach is that a consistent look and feel is conveyed regardless of the screen size that your email is being viewed on. Nothing has to be squished to fit onto smaller screens, fonts will display at a consistent size and that viewers will receive the same user experience across all devices.
Recently, during the rebranding of Big Blue Digital we chose to use a mobile friendly layout when designing our email templates. The result (as you can see below) is a sleek, user friendly layout!



The alternative path is to utilise the emerging technology of responsive emails. A responsive email tailors the layout of an email for each device. This means that phone viewers can still receive the simplified full-width mobile friendly layout. When a tablet or desktop device is used to view the same email the content, the layout can be modified to display in columns across the screen, fonts can be larger and general adjustments can be made so that the email appears pixel perfect on any screen.


While responsive emails are not widely supported at the moment, they have been picking up traction and are quickly becoming the future of email newsletters.

Getting started

Are you thinking about upping your email game but aren't sure where to start?


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