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What Zuckerberg’s Testimony Teaches Us About Digital Literacy

Our collective digital literacy — or lack thereof — has never been so pertinent.

This week, as Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of the US Senate, many of us sat dumbfounded as he seemed to “explain the internet” to his nation’s lawmakers.

The entire discussion about privacy and our digital footprint is one we need to have. The discontent expressed by the general population when the Cambridge Analytica scandal was exposed, shows just how little many of us understand about the current digital landscape.

Politics aside, I saw many of the people I’ve worked with over the past 3 decades reflected in those Senators.

Having worked in, and with businesses, for many years, I’ve seen so much change in the digital landscape.

Digital evolution is now so rampant that even experts struggle to keep pace — let alone our lawmakers, business owners and executives.

There are a number of reasons why businesses struggle with digital transformation, and why the work of service providers such as Big Blue Digital has primarily evolved into that of education provider and consultant.

Where we once may have delivered what was asked of us, I’ve watched our work evolve.

Every day, it is our job to educate, motivate and encourage businesses to take on our services.

The following concerns — in my opinion — is why.


The Challenge

Digital Transformation is not an overnight process and takes money, time, and commitment to what seems to be an ocean of choices.

Adopting customer-centric thinking

Welcoming two-way communication from customers, and being driven by them, is still an obstacle for traditional business thinkers.


Money needed to invest is a big worry, but worse is the time required to implement a total mindset change.


This is the single largest threat to the digital age. The compromising of data has come to the fore (not just because of Facebook, but exacerbated by recent events) and causes real concern for all businesses online, and spans from credit card to complete identity theft.


Apart from the above, traditional and risk averse businesses, actually don’t welcome change and fear the negative rather than embracing the positive aspects of digital transformation.

Case in point — Facebook.

Of the 100M+ businesses using the platform only 6% utilise Facebook for advertising — even though it is the largest advertising platform on the planet. This of course is due to it’s 2 billion active users, with half of that number using Facebook daily.

And yes senator, that’s how Facebook pays for its “free” platform.


So what do we say to businesses that are still unsure that they should embrace change in the digital space?

Look, it’s a hard call and very much changes on a daily basis.

But we say start with just one.

That one thing might be investing in some Facebook advertising training for the team (and here I have to shamelessly plug my wife Leanne O'Sullivan and her next live round of The Facebook Frontier, starting April 23).

It might be investing the time to get to know your website analytics. Or spending a day talking to your teams, and critically assessing the systems used across your business to know whether they are actually helping or hindering productivity.

Working in the industry, with the speed of digital disruption, it can be easy to forget that the general public develop their digital literacy at a much slower rate than we realise.

This is why we do what we do.

If you’d like to know what it is that Big Blue Digital do — and how we balance consulting with a wide range of marketing, technology, business intelligence and content design based delivery services — I invite you to check out the services we provide.
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