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5 Ways You Can Get Organised With Social Media

Unless you’re a digital marketing strategist, fully online business operator, or community manager, it’s very unlikely that Social Media is your core business.

And what happens to things that aren’t core business?

They are the last things to get done when life gets busy. And when is life not busy?

Yesterday, Lesley covered how to assign a value to your social media efforts and measure that return on investment.

So we know social is valuable - and more than that - I think that most of us acknowledge that it’s imperative to business success in 2016. It’s no longer “the new thing”.

So stop putting your Social efforts last, with some easy tips to save you time and money.

Why should you trust me?

These are tips and strategies we provide to our Digital Service Plan clients - and things we use ourselves. If you know anything about Big Blue Digital, you know we measure just about everything - but mostly time (seriously, read the case study). So if we say it saved us time, you know that it must be true!

Most recently we’ve been working with Transforce to get them more bang for their social buck. The trucking industry has been at the forefront of political conversation in the past few weeks, and this blog post on the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal gained a lot of traction on social media.

Now we’re working with Transforce to make sure that all the eyes who have been engaged by this one post, stay engaged in the long run (and convert to new business opportunities). Helping them get organised with their already great social media efforts is just one way we’re doing this.

1. Make a calendar

We’ve been blogging about all things social for the last month - did you notice? We set our monthly themes in advance, and use a content calendar to plan out everything from our e-newsletters to our instagram posts.

We are not struggling week-by-week to come up with new fresh ideas, or find other great content out there to share with all of you, because we’re completely focused on one topic. It’s a bit like the secret - put it out there and the universe will provide!

Banner, click here to access your content calendar

2. Make friends with hashtags

On Twitter and Instagram, hashtags make your content searchable - want’s the point of putting all that great content out in the world if no one can find it?

Get a quick refresher on hashtags.

Hashtags also help you get to the heart of social media - community. Find people like you or, more importantly, people who like the kinds of things that you do.

3. Get scheduling

There are a number of tools - at a range of price points - out there to help you get scheduling. Leanne has already written about how scheduling posts saved her sanity, and let’s just say it’s done wonders for the rest of the office too!

It really is the ultimate time saver.

4. Get procedures and guidelines in place

Do you let others on your team help you manage the social load, or do you feel the risk is too much?

A good social media policy, and organisational Tone of Voice guideline document can help you feel confident in sharing the load.

To nail down your Tone of Voice, you’ll first have to understand your brand persona. What kind of person is your brand? Once you’ve got that sorted it is possible that multiple people could post on your social channels, and sound like one, creating trust and building a solid relationship with your customers and potential customers.

Then put some simple procedures in place - think, ‘If this happens, then do that’. If someone complains, what happens next (encourage them to email you - take the conversation offline). If someone likes your facebook post, but they’re not a fan of your page, what happens next (invite them to follow you!).

5. Partner with someone you can trust

One of the biggest burdens of the current marketing landscape is continual content creation. We all have something to say, and it’s easy to find and share information from others, but writing your own new fresh content? That takes time.

This is one of the thing that Big Blue Digital can do for Digital Service Plan clients - alongside overarching digital strategy, campaign management, measurement, and a host of other things.


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