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4 Ways to Expand Your Professional Network on LinkedIn

So you want to open more doors?

Get noticed?

Or maybe even headhunted? That ol’ chestnut.

What better way to expand your professional network significantly and create more job opportunities than by signing up to LinkedIn. It not just about the people YOU know but the one’s THEY  know that can get you connected.

So why not…

1. Join A Group Discussion

Not just one, but many different groups to discuss the  various topics that you are interested in.


2. Promote Your Resume

Showcase your work experience, but more importantly, showcase your work achievements. Make sure to also include recommendations from your work colleagues and clients.

3. Connect With Others

Finding out where your friends work or who works at a particular company will help with getting directly introduced to the right people in your network.

4. Update, Update, Update!

Keep your profile up-to-date with the various new options that are frequently being added on a regular basis. You can even sync your LinkedIn account to various social media as well to further expand your network.

And just one more reason to love LinkedIn...

LinkedIn has been around since 2003 and people are only just discovering the power that is attained from being an active member. Members are now atop 414 millions worldwide.

I signed up in 2007 and have reconnected with long lost friends, colleagues and even relatives in the United Kingdom!
As a result of being one of the early signups from time to time I receive ‘Free’ offers to further enhance my profile which are a bonus.
LinkedIn keeps me in control and I can’t recommend it enough.

Do you want to up your LinkedIn game? We’ve been working with other clients to expand their profiles and networking skills to make the most of this fantastic platform.

Does this sound like it might suit you and your business? Give us a call on 1300 721 481 and we can discuss your options.


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