organise and distribute your

streamlined content management

Kentico Cloud is a headless content management system.

It holds all of your content, guidelines, approval workflows, so that you can display those words and images on your website, intranet or app anywhere across the web.

Kentico Cloud is a perfect solution for organisations who are either,
  • Based across multiple locations, with a range of content producers (communications, marketing and graphic design staff) who need to work together on digital products,

  • Producing huge amounts of content that needs to be reviewed, approved and published in short spaces of time,

  • ​Managing multiple online assets, such as websites, apps or intranets, and would like to manage their content from one central location, or

  • Seeking to whitelabel content or monetise content, while retaining control over how and where that content is shared.

Put your content publishing in the hands of those who need it (writers and marketers) without fear of 'breaking' code or design and stop running multiple content management systems with this centralised approach.

why kentico cloud?



Seperate your content from the web interface and stop delays on either side pushing out your project deadline.


Enjoy the freedom to scale at speed, and completely adjust either content or design without one effecting the other.



Divorce content from tech and design decisions and focus on delivering the information your customers need, in the most appropriate content format for them.



Use customisable content fields and guidelines to reduce margin of error and maintain concistency across large or distributed content teams.

Why Big Blue Digital?

We exist to make other businesses better at what they do and our team has been built to meet this goal.

That means that we have the in-house skills needed to guide you through the entire Kentico Cloud process.

Our marketing and content team sit with and solve problems alongside of our development team every day - so you get the best of both worlds.

We help you understand the words and images you need to get your message across faster. We then build this framework into Kentico Cloud, and write guidelines to help minimise the margin of error when content is created and uploaded by your team. We design and build out your font-end environment (your website, intranet or app) and hook it up to Kentico Cloud to create one seamless experience for the end-user. We also provide quality assurance, testing, training and ongoing support and improvement so that your technology transforms alongside your business.

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Our kentico cloud services

content design

We preach end-to-end digital transformation. We'll get in and understand each section of your business to make sure every part of your solution fits your team, culture, systems and processes.


Your front-end interface sits outside of Kentico Cloud, but that doesn't mean that we forget about it! We consider all aspects of the feel, behaviour and functionality of any site to make sure that the user has an easy, meaningful and intuitive experience. 


information architecture

Get your content organised in the best way possible - in a structure that not only works for your users, but is also easy for you to manage and understand within your current business practices.



We can set up your content environment as well as develop the full front-end interface. Our long history shows an exceptional track record of creating sites that are good looking, easy to use and just work.


Kentico Cloud allows you to create and target specific content to different types of customers. Let our marketing team help you understand your customer personas, and track and analyse your customer journeys and deliver a personalised experience.


Integration is key to getting your Kentico Cloud content to appear where you want it to. We don't have time for systems that don't talk to each other, so we take the time to build bridges between your systems and get them working together.

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