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Kentico is a platform that delivers flexible websites for businesses serious about marketing.

It's all-in-one content management, ecommerce and marketing features mirror Big Blue Digital's end-to-end business capability, making this a perfect partnership for your business.

Businesses in Kentico can expect an easy to use and incredibly configurable content management system, equipped with everything you need to support your businesses' website, intranet or online community. Built in tools like integrated email marketing, ecommerce and personalisation can take your content to the next level.

why kentico?



Kentico offers a comprehensive content management and marketing suite - including personalisation, automation and A/B testing - straight out of the box.



Kentico scales with you - it's a proven enterprise level solution that isn't too big for mid-market or fast growing companies - and is compatiable for businesses who need to house multiple sites.


easy to use

With customisable admin interfaces, Kentico is the perfect platform for businesses looking to take control and increase their internal marketing effort



Kentico is continually being improved from the inside out. Experience less down-time and more new releases with this cloud-based website and intranet platform.

Why Big Blue Digital?

Big Blue Digital have been delivering web-based solutions to clients for over 18 years.

Over this time, the company has evolved, and so have the platforms that we work with. We believe in reccomending solutions that are as easy to manage within your business, and that will be the best possible match for your existing business systems, processes and culture. 

While our team are all specialists in their field, we pride ourselves on our ability to contribute well outside our specialities, and enjoy learning about all things technology, design, marketing and business. This means you don't just get an 'out of the box' development with Big Blue Digital, but work is guided by user experience and design experts, technical specialists and in-house content marketers and copywriters. 

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Our kentico services

requirements gathering & strategy

We preach end-to-end digital transformation. We'll get in and understand each section of your business to make sure every part of your solution fits your team, culture, systems and processes.


We consider all aspects of the feel, behaviour and functionality of any website to make sure that the user has an easy, meaningful and intuitive experience. 



We take a content first approach. How is your story best told, and how can Information Architechture, navigation and site design and experience support that? With all these skills, plus copywriters in-house, we can make your business shine.



We've been around for nearly two decades. Our history shows an exceptional track record of creating sites that are good looking, easy to use and just work (up front as well as behind the scenes).


With our own focus on productivity and collaboration, we love a good intranet. Not only can we manage the technical deployment, but also help guide your business through the change of introducing a new system or set of behaviours.

digital marketing

Your website is only one facet of your Digital Ecosystem. Use your Kentico environment to it's full potential and maxmise your digital impact with our team's skills in email marketing, automation, contact management and segmentation.

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