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Adobe Business Catalyst - End of Life

In March 2018, Adobe announced it would no longer develop for Business Catalyst effective immediately. Moreover, it revealed that new sites could not be purchased beginning June 18, 2018 and existing sites would go dark on March 26, 2020.

This presents a major opportunity to the countless businesses with sites currently hosted on Adobe Business Catalyst.
It’s your chance to,

  • Take stock of your current digital ecosystem

  • Evaluate how well your site is helping you reach your overall marketing, revenue or customer service goals

  • Identify inefficiencies across your current systems and processes

Your resilience is being pushed.

Plan for the next phase of growth and innovation in your business and push back.


your next solution

Since being delivered the news, the Big Blue Digital team have been working though the sites of our clients currently using Adobe Business Catalyst.

We have poured through pages of technical specifications for new, cutting edge and established alternative platforms. We’ve weighed these up against the other platforms our team are currently rolling out to mid-market and fast growing businesses. And we’ve started the processes of, one-by-one, matching these to our existing Adobe Business Catalyst client businesses.

But this is just the start.

Your business hasn’t been static since your last site was developed.

Let’s work together to find an option that will help your business grow today, and tomorrow.

Choose your own adventure

Choose a statement that best describes how you use Adobe Business Catalyst and we’ll pair you with a possible replacement platform.

Simple sites - Squarespace
"I use Adobe Business Catalyst to house and share simple content. I have a relatively small website, and content doesn’t get updated that frequently. I only send regular newsletters or announcements, or I don’t do email marketing at all."

"I use Adobe Business Catalyst to sell products. I have a large inventory or am looking to scale and grow my store in the near future. I need to be able to communicate regularly with my customers via email, and would even like to encourage shopping across their social media channels or on places like eBay or Amazon."



Complex content needs - Kentico Cloud
"I use Adobe Business Catalyst membership management functions or have a lot of custom web apps built into my system. I have large amounts of content housed within Adobe Business Catalyst.

Or - 

I have more than one Adobe Business Catalyst site, as well as an app or another website, or have large amounts of content and resources to manage. A number of people are responsible for creating, uploading and managing content in my business."





Beautiful, self-managed sites

Squarespace - beautiful self-managed sites

Many of the businesses we have moved to Squarespace have come from Adobe Business Catalyst sites.

They tell us that Squarespace is more affordable, with easier self management and less long-term developer involvement. Simple improvements have had huge impacts on their traffic, marketing results and customer service.

Squarespace is ,

  • Cost effective

  • Simple to use

  • Based on a comprehensive template library (very little ongoing developer support needed)

We’ve prepared a 5 day email education series with everything you need to know to make the decision to move from Adobe Business Catalyst to Squarespace.

Grab a coffee and learn something new about Squarespace every morning this week, or learn more about how Squarespace compares to Adobe Business Catalyst.



A smarter online store

BigCommerce - Smarter online stores
BigCommerce is an industry-leading, software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce platform founded in Australia.

Online stores all over the world rely on BigCommerce thanks to its robust integrated functionality, customisability, SEO benefits and reliable performance.

It is the ideal ecommerce solution for,
  • businesses looking to scale without hidden costs

  • merchants keen to focus on running the business while the technology takes care of itself

  • sellers who want more control over their store, inventory and promotions

With no transaction fees and more functionality out of the box compared to others in the market (like Shopify), it’s a great option.

Get Your Guidebook to Ecommerce Migration

This guidebook compares all of the features of Adobe Business Catalyst with BigCommerce, as well as other platforms including Shopify and Magento.


Kentico Cloud

Headless technology options

Kentico Cloud - Headless technology options

We have something to admit.

Before Adobe’s announcement, we had already started looking at a world beyond Business Catalyst.

In many cases, it was still the best option for many clients and, while we didn’t foresee it’s closure, we had begun to look beyond the ‘all-in-one’ approach.
Businesses are moving on from “one size fits all” platforms and focusing on a more robust digital ecosystem, which is made up of a tapestry of interwoven services, systems and application tools.

This bespoke approach is perfect for businesses looking for,
  • the best fit for purpose technology

  • scalability

  • flexibility.

Kentico Cloud is a Headless Content Management System that can sit at the centre of this tapestry.

It is a centralised content hub, which can distribute content to any number of front end websites or apps.

This is perfect for businesses who share content across multiple locations, have high volumes of content to manage or coordinate content through multiple publishing workflows and team members.
We’ve recently implemented Kentico Cloud for CruiseCo, a business with a high volume of content, who not only display that content on their site, but the sites of their members and partners - all from one central location. Visit the case study, or learn more about Kentico Cloud.

But what else is there?

This list is not exhaustive. Discovering and pushing against the boundaries of existing platforms is part of the DNA of Big Blue Digital. Whether you have an idea of where you’d like to go next, or have no idea where to start, please book in for a discovery call with us.

We want to help you take your business to the next level and ensure its strength and profitability today, and tomorrow.

Learn more about what we do.